Reconnect to your femininity to embrace a healthy love life

I help you reclaim your femininity & embrace life with serenity and Joie de Vivre to live the healthiest long-lasting relationship with your future (or actual) lover.

Reclaim your self-worth

Heal unhealthy patterns

Goodbye Guilt

Stop people-pleasing

Do you feel like living true love is hard to believe and not even possible for you?

Well, I get you, because I have been there. I would have loved someone to told me that my dream love relationship was really possible for me to live, even after disastrous relationships... I want to be this person for you and guide you in your love attraction journey:

"This is what I needed to boost myself to be fully who I am and want to be,

in addition to having given to me the courage to move forward and trust in life again.”

- Hélène


My name is Claire Chiron

If you believe that living a fulfilling life for you is selfish and you must feel guilty for it... I understand you.

I didn't even realize that feeling repressed in my ambitions and imprisoned in my choices was not normal.

Until the day I wanted to really move forward, live for myself, really shine as being me, achieve my ambitions and secretly want to finally experience true love I realized that something was blocking me, but I didn't know where it was coming from.

I was hungry for freedom, hungry to live my own life. So, I took the plane. I left 8,000 km from home to travel the world and live as I meant to...

I teach you everything I've been through, night and day, since 2017

What you will experience with me is a blend of therapeutic practices, coaching and emotional healing. If you are to truly create the healthiest love relationship of your dreams, then I'm here to guide you through the exact steps and phases I have myself lived to live my own dream love story.

And this mainly includes: doing the deep inner healing work on yourself first, clearing your energy from any toxic patterns, reframing your mind around love and men, healing your sensual self, embodying the woman you dream to be, aligning yourself to attract the perfect man for you.

Here, meditation, journaling and emotional healing, plus some of powerful practices helped me created this outcome in me. I'm fully committed to help you live your exact dream love relationship. ❤

Customers served! 100 Pages de Journaling

of meditation
Customers served! 100 Pages de Journaling

of journaling
Customers served! 100 Pages de Journaling


"You are a woman who really and fully wants to help the women.

You are here to guide us, to help us concretely manifest the situations in our life, align ourselves with our true selves. It speeds up our evolution in an impressive way!"



Here is what your

transformation could look like...

For a little back story, I have been able to fully experience the true love romance I have been dreaming for my entire life, when I finally understood the deep reason why I repressed my femininity, sensuality and sexuality which ended up created very poor intimate connections.

After I entered my own process of healing from all my dysfunctional relationship patterns and reconnected to my femininity, I have been able to wonderfully embrace my love life at a whole new level. And this affects today all of the other areas of my life.

Below is the curriculum I have carefully curated for you to experience the same blissful love relationship I live with myself and him on a daily basis. ❤

Free yourself from dysfunctional relationships to shine & live a guilt-free life

Attract the perfect man for you and create a fulfilled long-lasting love relationship

Embody the sensual & high-value woman of your dreams to create a true intimate romance


"I feel ready to move on! I am so happy to be in this program. This is what I needed to boost myself to be fully who I am and want to be, in addition to having given to me the courage to move forward and trust in life again."


"I have changed a lot in the last 12 weeks, moreover people around me have noticed it. I am much more open, much more aware of the reality around me. I feel more complete, I am fully embodying the woman I really am. I have literally transformed my life."


"I have realized that with your exercises, I am able to achieve a level I have never been to before: I have decided to focus on my emotional freedom and liberation and on the woman I want to become!"


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It's time to

Heal & Live True Love

If you live this...

  • You always feel ashamed and guilty for living as a feminine woman.
  • You feel repressed in your identity and unable to express your opinions.
  • You get stuck in the need to constantly please others.
  • You have the feeling that you are never enough and so never succeed in keeping a man for good.

But are ready to...

  • Reclaim your full femininity and sensuality.
  • Take back the power over your life and your dream romance.
  • Embrace a deep feeling of love, safety and serenity to feel a deep inner Joie de Vivre in your day-to-day.
  • Dare to claim your self-worth and set strong healthy boundaries.

What they say after

embodying their most feminine self

Liberation - Letting Go - Attraction - Expansion - Love

This program was a real introspection and revelation for me. I realized the potential I have and it opened my eyes to life and my future. I thought I had only a monotonous straight line with little choice when in reality I have a multitude!

I feel more anchored, more expanded, both stronger and more sensitive, more open to my emotions, to love and to life. My self-esteem has doubled and my worth has grown exponentially."


How much longer are you going to wait before you allow yourself to really live Love?

You are an amazing woman with only one life to live.

Are you ready to live it fully?

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Healthy & Love Relationships

to live with joy and serenity

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