Become the woman you always dreamed of being

For young women who want to become the woman they always dreamed of being and desire to attract the man of their dreams.

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"Souveraine de l'Amour is the best thing that has happened to me in 2020. I did in 5 weeks what I had never understood in several years.
Thank you so much Claire Chiron."


"I realize concretely that with your exercises, I am able to pass a level that I have never passed: to decide to abandon the notions of true/false and to focus on my liberation and on the woman that I want to become ! "

Dear Lady,
welcome to Claire's personal place.

Here, you're going to learn how to master your emotions,  become a first class lady & attract the  perfect man for you, to live your dream romance.

First of all,
meet your host

Claire Chiron

Everyone tought I was wrong.

My surroundings thought I was crazy. Nobody around me supported or even understood my decision when I told them.

I was succeeding at my engineering studies.

A very generous income and more than 12 weeks of vacation.

I had absolutely everything to be happy, right ?

Everyone told me it was success, but I didn't feel successful. I felt empty. I felt totally disconnected from the dreams of my 10-year-old me.

So I quit. I left without turning back. I started traveling the world. That's when my real life started...

To help you Integrate this Transformation

into your Everyday,

I carefully Tailored 3 Paths to Engage with during your Daytime:


The podcast
An Uplifting conversation for your everyday

Every Morning, While you go to work, grab your phone, put on your headphones and join the conversation.

See this podcast as your unique accessory that delivers all the golden nuggets you need to be the perfect woman the man of your dreams wants to meet!

Claire Chiron

Become a radiant woman to live your greatest dreams and live True Love with your ideal man.

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The show
styled video series furnished with golden nuggets

Every evening, while you relax at home, study memorable conversations with Hand-Picked Experts & take notes .

Learn how to express your emotions, free yourself from emotional dependency, adopt the codes of the Souveraine de l'Amour and how to attract the man of your dreams.


The ressources
Artfully designed play sheets to ground the knowledge you have learned during the week

Couple Discovery Experience Guide

Want to make your dates funnier and deeper than ever?

Bored of going from date to date, feeling disappointed? Tired of not knowing how to connect on a deep level with the man you like? Let me show you how...

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