Free yourself from your past .

Embody your ideal self .

Attract your ideal man .

For young women who want to become the woman they always dreamed to be and desire to attract the man of their dreams.

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You are able to attract men into your life,

but you can't find and keep

the One?


The challenge

The issue, today, is not to find a man.

Today, the issue is not to find a man just to say you are in a relationship.
No, now, the difficulty is to find where the good men are. You know, the quality men... Ambitious, manly, masculine but also attentive, comprehensive, who love you for the woman you really are.
Yes, I get you! It's easier said than done...

But don't worry, this man really exists!

I know it because I met mine 3 years ago. But for years, I couldn't succeed to meet any good men. And after taking a step back, I understood something..

If you have not lived the relationship of your dreams with this man yet. The one who makes you  and fall for him, with whom you have fallen deeply in love for years, it is because you have remained stuck in your past.
For all these years, you have lived in the same relationship, mental, behavioral and emotional patterns.

The truth is that you have probably reproduced your same love story for months and years until today.
This is the reason why you haven't met the man of your life yet. Because you still live in the same life patterns.

But the good news is that after living your own transformation in depth, after 3 months only, you will be an all new woman

The one who deeply desire to live the love relationship of her dreams and who makes the luckiest man on Earth fall madly in love with her! ;)


How to live love?

I offer you live a really deep experience, far beyond anything you have seen or experienced so far. You are about to enter an ecosystem that will speed up your life:
  • You will break free from your old past relationships.
  • You will heal yourself deeply from your emotional wounds.
  • You will rebuild a deep relationship with yourself.
  • You will develop your magnetic attraction power to attract the man of your dreams, the one who loves you deeply.
Because he is already there, on this planet, all you have to do is be ready to meet him.

And the magic of your transformation is that you don't even have to use any dating apps like Tinder or skim bars and nightclubs.

Once replaced at the center of your life, you will naturally attract him into your life in the most unexpected way possible.


Souveraine de l 'Amour

To live this profound transformation, you will become a Souveraine de l'Amour (Sovereign of Love). A woman who has the courage to fully embody who she is, without compromise, because she knows that her life is unique.

Her particularity: she has the natural ability to connect to this powerful force that is Love to raise her energy frequency so that her current life is synchronised with her deep desires.

She masters the art of surrendering herself by this emotion of Love to naturally meet the man of her life.


The transformation

To become a real Souveraine de l'Amour, you will evolve through these 3 successive steps:

Phase 1 :


Phase 2 :


Phase 3 :


Phase 1 :


You are going to fully free yourself from any emotional attachment to your past, limiting beliefs, emotional dependency and controlling relationships that prevent you from living true Love.

Expect to be surprised with the immediate changes that will take place inside of you from the first week.

Phase 2 :


You will reconnect deeply with who you are and finally discover the woman you really are.

You will discover parts of yourself that you did not even think exist, emotions that you were hiding from yourself and new dreams that are, now, really yours.

Phase 3 :


Finally, you will learn the most powerful techniques to fully use your thoughts and emotions.

You will attract the man of your life in a magnetic and natural way, with techniques that I have been practicing and improved for 3 years now.

You got it, your transformation will be fast, intense and above all lasting. You only have one life so I consider that you deserve to live True Love as quickly as possible!

Hint: You will be so free, in love with him and with yourself and fully you that you will not want to go back to your old self!

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The podcast

Every morning, grab your phone, put on your headphones and join the conversation.

See this podcast as your unique accessory that delivers all the golden nuggets you need to be the perfect woman the man of your dreams wants to meet!

Claire Chiron

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The videos

Every evening, study, take notes. Put on your new skin of the Souveraine de l'Amour apprentice.

You will learn how to express your emotions, free yourself from emotional dependency, adopt the codes of the Souveraine de l'Amour and how to attract the man of your dreams.


I am Claire Chiron

At the end of December 2016, I realized that my life was not going in the direction I was looking for.

I was in studies I didn't like. They were not for me. Here was not my place. I felt totally disconnected from the dreams of my 10 years old me.

I was wondering why and how I got there ...


Transform yourself

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"I already had some knowledge about vision boards, the law of attraction and visualization. However with your lessons, everything is much simpler and more practical. I admit that the results are impressive."

Adriana G.
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