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Living with your dream partner

doesn't happen by luck

I teach women like you to know themselves, discover themselves, create a vision of their own lives, be comfortable with their femininity and develop their magnetic attraction, and then meet their ideal man who meets all their criteria.

That's why i help single women

Do you always attract the same disrespectful men, emotionally unavailable and who never correspond to your desires?
Can't you live a satisfying romantic relationship?
It's time to transform yourself to live the fulfilled and happy relationship that you deserve.

to meet themselves first to meet their ideal man

Because before you live well with this man, you want to be and live well with all aspects of the woman that you are. The more you strengthen and deepen your relationship with yourself, the more you become a real magnet to attract the man who wants to live with the woman who already loves and respects herself.

About Claire

Claire is a coach, entrepreneur and co-founder of Succellium™. She went through a series of psychic and spiritual experiences which revealed to her other fields of perception and consciousness, thanks to which she experienced a profound transformation of life.

She then developed a method that helps determined women to break their limiting beliefs, their repetitive patterns and their emotional environment so as to finally live a life according to their own standards and live the romantic relationship of their dreams thanks to this powerful and fast method. .

Claire is currently researching the themes of well-being, love, spirituality, relationships and brain performance. She is her own guinea pig in scientific experiments to understand and demonstrate how our brain helps us create our reality. She spoke in Sedona during a 3-day conference and shares her work with both French and English audiences.

Your transformation is here

1. Break all your limiting beliefs

About love, men, your self-esteem, your worth, the relationship with your parents, sexuality...

I have referenced +111 limiting beliefs that prevent you from having healthy relationships and from having a romantic relationship on your own terms. We will free you from these beliefs.

Nadia Kaba on "2. I am the most important"

This video really made me open my eyes to my true worth and not to be ashamed of who I am.

on 30 Dec  Woman of Exception

Nadia Kaba on "10. I am at the right place"

This video allowed me to transform one of the strongest beliefs into something more positive and productive. Thank you Claire

on 9 Jan  Woman of Exception

2. Become emotionally free

Understand where your emotional dependency patterns come from and learn to fulfill your emotional needs on your own.

Through this process, you become completely emotionally independent, which means that you no longer need anyone or any other man to make you happy. You have the courage to make your own decisions and you finally take back your place in your life.

3. Free yourself from toxic relationships

Understand why you are still attracting people who take your energy from you, men who are emotionally unavailable and why you have never been lucky in love.

You are going to permanently cut the cords with your toxic relationships, the manipulators, your exes and any grip relationships. Finally, you will relive through new, healthy and positive relationships to encourage you to become an exceptional woman.

4. Define the vision of your new life

Stop feeling guilty about taking time for yourself and finally take the time to define from A to Z EVERYTHING you want in your life.

Because yes, you can have it all: the perfect body, the luxury dresses, the beautiful house, the dream career, massive money, the man of your dreams and... sex!
Just ask for it... and have the right process.

5. Become a woman of Exception

Let behind the woman you are now and put on new skin. Finally realize your true worth. Show your uniqueness and assert the exceptional woman that you are. Here, I teach you to develop your magnetic attraction to seduce your man for sure.

6. Define your ideal partner

You can have the man who exactly matches your expectations: from his physical body to his aspirations, through his character and his deep values, you can meet the man who looks like you in absolutely every aspect.

Yes, here I'm talking about meeting not a random man, but THE One, who already wants you. Let me show you how...

7. Become a manifestation expert

You will not be able to attract the man of your life and keep him if you do not access my most powerful secrets which allowed me to have the man of my life, to keep him and to have an fulfilling, sincere and deep romantic relationship, and live all of my other dreams.

Access everything you need to attract great Love and live your dreams - I won't hide anything from you.
I want your real transformation.

The exact man who was on this Hollister bag : from blond hair and blue eyes to his red shorts and his white cord even!

Santa Monica with Emmanuel (October 2017)

8. Build your dream love relationship

Finally understand what your man really wants from his dream partner and become the woman of his dreams. Refine your vision of the romantic relationship you want.

Learn all the essential principles to make your couple last for years. Be confident to meet your man because it is the logical continuation of everything you have just applied in your life through this process!

They trusted us

Read what they have to say

"It happened too fast, I was shocked.

I was scared but in fact I am very very happy with these changes. In 2 weeks, I got the job I had been waiting for 7 months, and I finally moved to the place I like. I finally meet people who share the same values as me, I am no longer embarrassed when a man approaches me ! I know that if I had not taken this program, I would not have taken this step further."

Nadia Kaba
"I admit that the results are impressive"

Thank you for your valuable advice. I already had some notions about the dream board, the law of attraction and visualization. However with your courses everything is much simpler and practical. I admit that the results are impressive. Things are gradually changing in my life and experiences are multiplying.

Adriana Garcin
"It’s amazing ! It's simple, fresh and super efficient !"

Even if you're broken in the law of attraction, on the dream board ... it's just great to let yourself be carried and guided because you only have the energy to put in it. I was really amazed because I realized that it could be used to put the ideal in the relationship with the partner that we already have.

Anne Tureau

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