About Claire

Here's how I left my old life to create another one I love in 5 months

At the end of December 2016, I realized that my life was not taking the turn that I hoped for. I was studying that didn't suit me. I did not feel in my place. I felt totally disconnected from the dreams of my 10 years. I was wondering why and how I got there ...

I had everything to be happy...

Engineering studies, a very generous salary and more than 12 weeks of vacation, I had absolutely everything to be happy... But my heart was not there.

I realized that I had taken this route by default. I was afraid to listen to my deep aspirations that were blowing me in a whole different direction.

After a year and a half, I realized that something had to change. I had no interest in my studies. Whenever I could, I spent my money to get away and travel. The only time I was fulfilled in these studies was when I thought of the next destination I was going to visit.

At the end of December 2016, I then made the decision that would change my life: “I will not end 2017 without :

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I was introduced to one of the most powerful techniques for creating your own reality called visualization. Every morning, I made it my discipline. I got up at 6 am to reprogram my body and my brain to live these new changes.

This is where I really discovered what a quantum leap is: compressing several years of his life in a few months.

At 22, I had the honor of meeting Dr. Joe Dispenza, a well-known chiropractor and neuroscientist. It was from this moment that I experienced my first strong expansions of consciousness.

I started to participate in scientific research on the brain's capacities in meditation. My altered states of consciousness really challenged scientists with the results obtained by the encephalograph, because I was the first person they encountered who managed to access gamma waves, high frequency waves, so quickly and for as long.

It is interesting to note that only highly disciplined monks who have been practicing intense meditation for decades have shown the ability to naturally move their brain waves in the Gamma range for an extended period of time: the ability that I have successfully developed in only 5 months of constant practice!

I the really understood the enormous potential that lay dormant in me and in each of us.

I was invited to share my story in the USA.

In October 2017, I have the honor to speak as a speaker at a prestigious 3-day Health, Healing & Happiness conference - with the presence of Don Jose Ruiz - in Sedona where I tell about my transformation.

I met the exact man of my dreams in Los Angeles

In October 2017, I made the most beautiful meeting of this year and also the most unexpected, that of my ideal partner: Emmanuel Beato.

I realized my dearest desire: to meet the love of my life. I met my dream partner Emmanuel Beato, French personal development coach, in Los Angeles. But what is most incredible is that I manifested the exact man who was on this Hollister bag: blond hair and blue eyes in red shorts with even his white cord!

3 years of research and


I always preferred to live the experiences for myself, rather than to understand them through books.

This is why I had a burning desire to discover to what extent I could transform my life by the strength of my brain, my thoughts and my emotions.

I continued my research by practicing and refining my practice of meditation, of visualization participating in shamanic rituals (kambo and ayahuasca) and better understanding the altered states of consciousness.

Seeing that the scientists were intrigued by my scientific case, I have worked in collaboration with a team of neuro-scientists, in particular with the largest European institute of neurofeedback in Hanover, on the study of the impact of altered states of consciousness on our brains and our daily lives.

It was then that I decided to create the 12 week Transformation Souveraine de l'Amour™ program. It is for me the culmination of these 14 years of practice, investigation, experience and research carried out with the most qualified people.

Now, when I look back and notice all the transformation that I went through, I tell myself that if I have been able to transform myself so much, then you can be the next woman to experience the same thing.

That’s why I spent many months developing the Souveraine de l'Amour™ method.

It is the most successful program to date to transform you as a woman : not only to meet your ideal partner but also and above all to repair and rebuild your relationship with yourself, our most important relationship.