It 's Time to Live !
December 2016

I noticed that my life was not taking the turn I had hoped for.

Engineering studies, a very generous income and more than 12 weeks of vacation, I had absolutely everything to be happy...

But my heart was not fulfilled.

I was doing studies that didn't suit me. I deeply felt out of place. I felt totally disconnected from the dreams of my 10-year-old me. I wondered why and how I got there...

Like everyone else, I made studies (which I hated).
Because I had chosen to live someone else's dream.

I remember living this period of my life as a step backwards, a dead end. I was alone. I couldn't find anyone to rely on. I didn't know what to do or where to go.

So I continued this engineering journey until I opened my eyes. Finally. I had no interest in my studies. Whenever I could, I spent my money to go away and travel.

The only time I was fulfilled in these studies was when I thought of the next destination I was going to visit.

I realized that I had chosen this path by default. I was afraid to listen to my deep aspirations and callings that were whispering at me to go in a whole other direction.

But the hardest part was yet to come...

When I decided to stop denying my dreams and ambitions, to embrace them fully, I had to face some violent objections:

“You are crazy for wanting to quit your studies to live your dreams!” “You are irresponsible!” “You won't make it!”

And the last sentence was the one that struck me the most:

“This is the worst mistake you can make” 

Looking back, I know what happened: I abandoned my power in the hands of others and surrendered the sovereignty of my life to people who had no idea what to do with theirs.

But all this changed that day, when I made the decision to totally change my life at 180°, in just a few months...

It was in December 2016 that I made this promise to myself:

I will not end 2017 without: 

  1. Leaving my engineering school
  2. Being an international speaker
  3. Having lived in Los Angeles
  4. Having finally met the love of my life

That evening, a spark was ignited. I saw a way out again. And even more, I saw very clearly dozens of new possibilities open to me.

Did I have to work in the same place, in the same office, the same amount of hours, for the rest of my life? No.

Did I have to constantly satisfy the desires and expectations of others just to please them and gain their recognition? No.

Did I have to bear the presence of people who absolutely did not support what I wanted to experience? Of course not!

In fact, I didn't need to change anything. At all.

This was a major turning point in my transformation. I didn't have to do anything except do what I thought I had to do...

It was then that I realized that the obligations and the pain we experience can be avoided, because we create the way we want to live our life. Nobody else do.

As soon as I had that epiphany, everything changed drastically.

Because, beyond all these rules that I forced myself to follow, I wanted to live as a free, independent woman, who has projects in her head and accomplishes them one after the other.

I wanted to feel alive, radiant, sparkling, vibrant.
I wanted to be alongside people like me who share the same aspirations.
I wanted to reclaim my freedom!

So I quit my studies.

I left everything behind with them.

I left my old life and the people who belonged to it behind me.

I went and traveled and embraced my path of becoming a personal development coach and speaker.

During my travels, I have been initiated to one of the most powerful techniques to create our own reality called visualization.

Every morning, I disciplined myself to make it my priority. I got up at 6 am to reprogram my body and my brain to live these new changes I wanted to manifest.

This is where I really discovered what a quantum leap is: compressing several years of one's life in a few months only.

At 22, I have been honored to meet Dr. Joe Dispenza, a well-known chiropractor and neuroscientist.

From this moment, I started to experience my first strong expansions of consciousness.

I started to participate in scientific research on the brain's capacities in meditation. My altered states of consciousness really challenged scientists because of the results I got with the encephalograph.

It happened that I was the first person they encountered who managed to access gamma waves, high frequency waves, so quickly and for a so long time.

It is interesting to notice that only highly disciplined monks who have been practicing intense meditation for decades have shown the ability to naturally move their brain waves in the Gamma range for an extended period of time.

The ability that I have successfully developed in only 5 months of constant practice! I then really understood the enormous potential laying down in me and in each of us.

In October 2017, I have the honor to speak at a prestigious 3-day Health, Healing & Happiness conference - with the presence of Don Jose Ruiz - in Sedona.

I organized 2 personal development retreats in Quebec. I have traveled to over 20 countries to meet leading experts in neuroscience, meditation and spirituality, including Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Over these 8 months, I have become a completely new woman. I have started to feel and think like a free, joyful, loving, vibrant and thriving woman.

I met people that finally looked like her and this is the way I have continued to live.

And today, I'm very proud to acknowledge that:

“I've embodied her. 

I'm fulfilling her desires.

I reclaimed my life's sovereignty.
I live everyday with a deep Joie de Vivre.”