You know, I believe we have enormous and unfulfilled potential in each of us.

I believe everyone was born on Earth for a specific reason. The problem is that our system, the society we live in tends to make us forget what we are here for.

Since our childhood, we have gradually disconnected from our real dreams, our real aspirations and our deepest desires.

Rather than living for what inspires and really drives us, we want to respect the status quo and be validated by others for fear of making waves and showing its difference, which pushes us to live a life without meaning : having the same stable job for 40 years, living in the same place throughout your whole life without daring take a move, taking a breath of fresh air during the 2 weeks of annual vacation, and still show that our life is more phenomenal than others on social media.

What I see here is the result of deep unhappiness, and of our unspoken and unfulfilled desires for years.

This observation touched me enormously at a very young age. I didn’t understand why these people were stuck in rules of life that were not their own and persisted in fulfilling the dreams of others rather than their own.

Having noticed this strong imbalance at a very young age, I decided to follow a completely different path than the one proposed to me and to chart my own unique path. I wanted to prove to myself that it was possible to break these rules and live a life according to my desires.

This is why I undertook a long quest, which I am still pursuing today, of self-discovery and self-expansion through travel, meditation, spirituality, consciousness expansions, shamanic rituals, neurosciences and people around the world.

The results of all these experiences has taken me much further than I thought possible. My vision of the world has completely changed. I transformed myself. I became this woman who has matured, experienced and used the gigantic capacities that we each have within us to create our life in our own image.

It is by meeting the man of my life, Emmanuel, the cherry on the top of all these experiences and the confirmation that, yes, we can really live everything, even true Love, that I created Woman of Exception within our Succellium™ company.

My videos, my podcast episodes, my seminars and my training all serve this vision of rejecting the status quo and creating a powerful life up to your dreams.

Courage. Determination. Daring. Strength. Trust. Reconnection to yourself. Vision.

Below you can see the life experiences through which I have forged the person I am today. I hope my mission will also inspire you to live for your dreams.

My life changed in 5 months

It was at the end of December 2016 that I made this promise to myself: "I will not finish 2017 without... :

  • Quitting my engineering school
  • Being an international speaker
  • Having lived in Los Angeles
  • And finally meeting the Love of my life!"

In addition to feeling bad during my studies, I experienced a brutal breakup at the end of 2015. I learned that he had cheated on me twice and I was destroyed from the inside. This year 2017, I wanted not only to live my dreams but also to experience real love for the first time of my life.

The moment I decided to radically change my life, I was introduced to one of the most powerful techniques to create my own reality called visualization. Since then, I have been amazed by the amazing results I had and my life changed. Everything went exactly as I expected. Here is the series of events and experiences I lived in 2017 :

February 2017, I met the personal development trainer who will train me through the organization of 2 personal development retreats in Quebec.

May 26, 2017, I quit my studies to live my dreams.

From May 2017 to February 2018, I first decided to travel for 3 months that I have extended to 8 months after meeting Emmanuel. I traveled between Texas, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, California, Cancùn (Mexico), Quebec (Canada), Costa Rica, Germany & France.

At the heart of the experiment

After seeing once again that my dreams had come true and that what I had imagined in my head every morning for 5 months (quitting my studies to create my dream life) was indeed my current reality, I I decided to dive deeper into meditation and visualization to understand how it works and how far these techniques could take me.

June 2017

It was then that in June 2017, I followed a 1-week intense & transformative meditation workshop led by Dr Joe Dispenza, Cancùn, Mexico. There, I had my first strong experiences of expansions of consciousness and very deep and strong experiences in gamma waves.

These experiments really challenged the scientists present at the event because I was the first person they encountered who managed to access these high frequency waves so quickly and for so long.

Indeed, the encephalogram shows that I reached them after only 6 minutes of meditation and that I stayed there for almost an hour without having any parasitic thoughts.
I learned later that the people who access these waves for very long periods of time in meditation are experienced monks.

I then really understood the enormous potential that lays in me and in each of us.

July 2017

In July I had the chance to organize for the first time a personal development retreat in Quebec with a Lebanon personal development trainer as a mentor. I learned everything from organizing an event to train people live, in 2 months only. This event ended up being a very successful and transformative moment.

October 2017

In October 2017, I had the most beautiful meeting of this year and also the most unexpected one : I met my ideal partner and now associate of now, Emmanuel Beato.

I have fulfilled my dearest desire: to meet the love of my life. I met my dream partner Emmanuel Beato, a French personal development coach, in Los Angeles, in the most unexpected place in the world: a Hobbit House. But what is most incredible is that I manifested the exact man who was on my Hollister bag: from his blond hair and blue eyes to his red short and his white cord even!

October 2017

In October 2017, I had the honor to speak as a speaker at the 3-day Health, Healing & Happiness conference - with the presence of Don Jose Ruiz - in Sedona, where I spoke about my extraordinary transformation : how I imagined changing her life in 2017 and how everything happened in just 5 months - quitting my studies to make my dreams come true.

December 2017

In December 2017, I experienced an even deeper spiritual transformation through shamanic rituals with Emmanuel: kambo and ayahuasca. My extrasensory capacities have been increased tenfold, and I begin to experience and perceive life in a completely different way.

January 2018

We are continuing our end of the year in Costa Rica for 45 days where we get to know each other and have magical experiences as a couple.

For the first time, I know what real complicity, fluid and deep connection are : a look in the eyes and we understand each other, a true and sincere love, the laughter and the humor that binds us even more, a feeling of being really loved, cherished, protected.
I did meet the right man!

January 2020

In 2020, with the invaluable help of Emmanuel, we are launching our online program platform and the Succellium™ community.

I decided to create the 8-week Woman of Exception transformation program. It is for me the culmination of these 14 years of practice, investigations, experiences and research carried out with the most qualified people.

Now, when I look back and notice all the transformation I went through, I tell myself that if I have been able to transform myself so much, then I can really help thousands of other women to live the same thing.

This is why I spent many months developing the Woman of Exception method. Woman of Exception is the most successful program to date not only to meet your ideal partner but also and above all to repair and rebuild your relationship with yourself, our most important relationship.

This transformation is based on 8 fondamental pillars :
  1. 1
    Break your limiting beliefs
  2. 2
    Free yourself from affective dependance
  3. 3
    Free yourself from toxic relationships
  4. 4
    Define your man of exception
  5. 5
    Become a manifestation expert
  6. 6
    Become a woman of exception
  7. 7
    Build an exceptional couple life

I am deeply happy to be able to offer you such an invaluable transformation. I know how much my life has changed in just a few months, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how much you can transform yours.