Are you allowing or resisting Life? – Ep 33

November 14, 2022

This is probably of the most triggering thing you can read now.

Because you may have asked yourself this question unconsciously or consciously sometimes, but the thought of receiving the answer already created some huge resistance within.

Do you know why?

It’s because when you acknowledge that you are resisting your life, that you live against yourself, that you live in hardship, you also acknowledge that you are afraid.

You acknowledge that you are afraid of yourself, of the unknown, of what could have if you allow yourself to do this thing completely, of what would people think of you allowed yourself to express your voice in this special tone that is yours.

You might actually even acknowledge that a part of you is afraid of yourself...

And what happened until now, you may notice now, is that the more you resist, the more it persists.

Have you noticed also that these fears are never going away? They haven’t let you alone from all these years you are fighting against yourself?

This is because they will always stay there until the moment you finally accept to be who you are and you surrender to yourself.

One more question for you:

What do you resist now in your life?

In which area is it?

THIS very thing as frightening as it could seem is THE thing that you need to go through to live this healthy successful loving free life that you envision. ☺️

In this new podcast episode, I show you where this resistance comes from so that you can already right now do the right thing to embrace a little bit more your powerful you.

I’m excited for you to have the same breakthroughs I had.

Enjoy and see you in the episode 😀

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