The Art of Solo Traveling with Luisana Colmenares

janvier 4, 2021

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The Art of Solo Traveling & How It Transforms Your Daily Reality with Luisana Colmenares

I really enjoyed having this deep and fresh conversation with Luisana Colmenares. She made thought back again at the time I was traveling and her experiences and the wisdom she brings in the interview is gold.

This will help you bring the sensations of freedom, discovery and joy of travel to your daily basis using Luisana's best secrets and advice.

About Luisana Colmenares

Luisana Colmenares is a Venezuelan traveler, based in Chicago, and host of The Solo Female Traveler Podcast.

She has traveled 22 countries in 3 years. Then, she decided to focus on her career and on her podcast.

The amazing fact is that, as she did it for travel, she launched her podcast with a pure desire to meet new people and now her podcast has more and more success, which is a beautiful surprise for her.

In this interview, you will learn:

1. Luisana's Travel Experience

  • Luisana’s story & How she started to travel
  • Her first sensations when visiting her first foreign country
  • How did you successfully managed to travel in 22+ countries?
  • Where did you travel?

2. Finding Yourself while Solo Traveling

  • The Art of Traveling with Purpose
  • How can I use travel to find myself again
  • "Travel is the fast track for personal transformation"
  • The major skills you gain through traveling
  • Embrace solitude to reconnect deeply with yourself
  • How can traveling change your everyday and the way you live now
  • Travel is the inner transform any woman should do before being engaged or having a job
  • Relationship advice from a travel perspective

3. Luisana's Secrets

  • The best antidote to judgement
  • How to amplify your feeling of gratitude
  • The power of letting go through unexpected situations
  • The Ultimate Secret to Be Fully At Ease with yourself
  • The Art of Traveling Inward
  • How to get a taste of travel even during COVID and lockdown

More about Luisana Colmenares

  • The Solo Female Traveler Podcast
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