how to

attract your ideal man

Without Going On Tinder Nor Relying On Luck

Duplicate my exact method to attract the perfect & sexy man you always wanted to live with and create the relationship of your dreams

Are You Living


Do you feel filled with intense joy and love every day because your love life is exactly as you imagined it?

Every night, this is the same...
I come back home from work, hoping someone is waiting for me and will hug me. No one. The house is empty.

I feel so lonely.
I can't seem to get over my last relationship.
I don't know how to move on.
I don't have the courage to turn the page, it's so hard...

I don't think I can ever fall in love again. I gave my all. They took everything from me. I don't know how I'm going to be able to rebuild myself.

I've tried everything:
I smile all the time, I think positive, I date as many men as I want, but I am not able to find the One. I do not understand why...

Do you believe you can live True Love?

Or do you let yourself be stopped

by these beliefs?

"Pff... Honestly, I tried everything. I don't think any other course can help me."

"I'm not pretty/thin/young enough."

"The prince charming only exists in fairy tales!"

"I never had luck in love, it's not about to change."

"Living True Love is possible... but not for me."

I tell you this because I get you.

I have spent far too much time hiding myself behind these beliefs...

...until the day I realized that if I didn't do anything now to rebuild my love life, nothing would be done for me. I would stay sad, miserable, and feel awfully lonely and isolated.

I understood that in life, you don't have a second chance. You are here and you only have the "move forward" key to move.

But believe me, you're missing out on your life if you don't have the romantic relationship of your dreams. You only have one life and if you want to know what it is to experience True Love, there is still time to take your chance.

Yes, you deserve to live True Love

If you are on this page today, it is because you have been looking for solutions for months, even years, without finding an effective one.

The truth is, if you're not living the relationship of your dreams, it's simply because no one has taught you how to master your thoughts, emotions and energy to meet the perfect man for you.

More than anything, you deserve to:

Get up every morning and say "Oh my God, is he really the man in my bed?!"

Your dream has come true.

Live with Joy and Love every day.

he knows how to make you feel loved and cared for.

Feel you deeply understood and listened to.

He knows you by heart.


Feeling safe

Snuggled up in his arms.

Have an intimate bond with him

You understand each other at first sight.

Be full of energy to enjoy life to the fullest.

Love gives you wings.

My name is Claire Chiron

And I was in your shoes. I wanted to experience the same things as you too: to have this wonderful, sincere, romantic and intimate relationship.

After I broke up with my ex, I felt completely devastated and upside down. I couldn't believe that I would ever be able to experience True love again. Then I had to find a solution because I wanted to know what it was like to have an intense and sincere romantic relationship with my partner.

This is when I remembered what I had been taught about when I was younger: the power of visualization & dream boards. When you know how to use them, these techniques could totally transform my life and make me meet the partner of my dreams. These tools have helped me to manifest him!

That's why I decided to teach you how to harness your energy, thoughts and emotions to attract the man of your dreams.

Everything I am going to teach you in this course is purely from my intense and rough life experiences - no made up theory. You will receive what allowed me to attract him down to the smallest details...

This is for this reason

that I decided to teach you

how to control your energy, thoughts and emotions


Everything you are going to learn throughout this course comes from my own experiences and the ones of my past clients.

I am going to reveal to you what allowed me to attract him down to the smallest detail...

Here is how I attracted my

ideal man in a total unexpected way

I remember that day like it was yesterday…

We were September 2017.
I was planning to go back to Mexico for a meditation retreat.

But my plans changed last minute.

10 days before leaving France, I made the decision to fly back to Los Angeles for the 3rd time of the year.

But, this time, I absolutely did not expect to meet the Love of my life there.

We ended up sharing the same Airbnb in a tiny Hobbit house.

(yep, that's how they really called it!)

In Venice Beach, California,
during this completely unexpected 5-day trip!

Hike to the Hollywood sign

Los Angeles, California

Fun moment on the beach, 

Santa Monica, California

This is it:

the tiny Hobbit House where we met!

Dance on the Queen Mary 2,

Long Beach, California

This trip turned out to be the start of our adventures.

This manifestation was totally breathtaking.

Since then, we have never left each other. 

We decided to live together and make this life an incredible experience of mutual personal growth.

We live in a so tender relationship full of love, sensuality, intimacy and humor and laughter that for me to experience such a relationship is a dream come true.

I believe, and it is a fact now for me,
that this man appeared in my life
because I

imagined him,

visualized him,

created him in my head

and felt him in my heart for months before.

This manifestation

was totally breathtaking!

Emmanuel looks like

exactly like the man on this bag:

  • the same muscular abs
  • the same blond hair
  • the same face shape
  • down to the red short & its white cord!!

I need to tell you a secret.

I didn't attract my dream partner by luck.

I did not put my love life back in the hands of fate.

I also did not wait for a favorable alignment of the planets.

It is the result of 3 years of experimentation to discover the capacities of the brain.

Claire connected to an electroencephalogram during a meditation retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I created the Dream Mate program after 14 years of practicing the law of attraction, after having studied with the greatest in the field of personal transformation, participated in scientific research and experienced multiple forms of meditation, visualization and expansion of consciousness.

Based on my background as an engineer, I have created a powerful and fast method that allows you to break down your limiting beliefs, your repetitive patterns and your emotional environment so that you can finally live a life according to your own standards.

Thanks to the research I have done and my knowledge of the law of attraction, in just 5 months, my life has completely changed.

After 5 months of diligent visualization practice, I quit my engineering studies, stopped living for other people's dreams and stopped hanging out with immature men who were never ready to commit.

This decision was the turning point for the rest of my life. Since that day, I have been traveling across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Germany to pursue my research and experiments, meet new inspiring people, speak at international events and... build my exceptional relationship as a couple with Emmanuel, that I met in Los Angeles.

Claire shares her journey on stage at the Health Healing Happiness conference in 2017, in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

Claire works in collaboration with the largest European neurofeedback center in Hanover, Germany.

"I admit that the results are impressive

Thank you for your valuable advice.

I already had some notions about the dream board, the law of attraction and visualization.

However with your courses everything is much simpler and more practical.

Every day I devote a little of my time to working on my dream board and I admit that the results are impressive.

Things are changing in my life and the experiences are multiplying."



dream mate


I share my personal life examples with you so that you can base your learning experience on real facts and not just on theory.

You are guided by a clear and detailed plan, step-by-step, thanks to which you finish your dream board, with a smile from ear to ear.




If I created this course, it is not to meet a random man... You will meet the man who understands you at first sight, who loves you and accepts you for the woman you are, who gives you all the love you deserve to receive.


I too often see online courses to attract love made by single, divorced or “open relationship” women. The most effective way to teach is to first experience for yourself what you want to share. This is what I experience every day with Emmanuel. We teach you together how to attract your ideal man.


It's simple. Just hit play on the 1st video and let yourself be carried away. I've broken down the dream board creation process for you in quick and easy steps. For each step, I explain how to do it in the best way. At the end, you will barely have time to realize that the mission is over when your dream board will already be finished!


I have been using the principles of the law of attraction and in particular those of the dream board since I was 10 years old. During all these years, I tested different ways to attract what I wanted. I give you here the 5 secrets that will catalyze your results. These secrets are the result of 14 years of practicing the law of attraction.




Bonus 1 :
access to the community

Receive access to a community of women, just like you, looking to attract their ideal man. Together, you will emulate each others by sharing your wins and victories, and also supporting each other when needed. Also, ask all of your questions in the group, and you'll receive a detailed answer from me to get you back on track faster!

Value: $497
Bonus 2 :
receptive mode breathing Audio

Instantly switch to a state of deep relaxation and feel absorbed by your dream board, as if you were living into each of these images. It is also a powerful method to overcome the stress of everyday life and bring you back to a state of instant serenity.

Value: $27
Bonus 3 :
Vibrant Love MeDITATION

Open your heart. Feeling positive, high and intense emotions on a daily basis is like a muscle, you have to train it. This audio allows you to muscle your emotions every day.

Value: $27
Bonus 4 :
daily affirmations worksheet

These powerful positive affirmations will speed up the manifestation process. Soak up new thoughts every day to attract the man of your dreams faster.

Value: $27
Bonus 5 :

Learn to master at 100% the power of the dream board by opening up to the power of your 5 senses to make your relationship even more real, intense and deep! Live the ultimate experience to attract your ideal partner 10 times faster.

Value: $27
Bonus 6 :
Start fresh meditation

Listen to this meditation every morning to get yourself into the energy of your ideal romantic relationship and infuse your day with this attractive love energy.

Value: $27

“The vision board is truly magical

Thanks to the exercises of the dream board and your advice, I was able to live wonderful moments and today this dream board continues to change for a better relationship.

I am grateful to have experienced what I experienced. And today I am another person ready to live better experiences 😄☺😊🥰❤🦋

The vision board is truly magical and exceptional.
It serves in all areas of life.

AND TO finish,


*Activate the subtitles to follow the French testimonial in English. ;)

"It's amazing! It's simple, fresh and super effective!"

Even if you are used to the law of attraction, to the dream board technique... it's just great to let yourself be carried away and guided. I was really amazed because I realized that we could use it to put the ideal in the relationship with the partner we already have.


I had very impressive results and I admit that I did not expect at all to have a wonderful encounter.

I feel more confident and the dream board has also allowed me to find myself and my dreams which are very important to me.

Thank you very much Claire!”


I changed my vision of the couple. I was looking for a solution to regain my self-confidence and my self-esteem and better understand my future romantic situation.

I learned to better define what I wanted in my future relationship. I saw changes throughout and had breakthroughs during the program. I have seen huge improvements in my daily life.”




You access to:

  • How to create your dream board that works in 5 easy and quick steps to implement
  • A series of 17 interactive videos as if you were actually in a private coaching session with Emmanuel and I
  • The 5 Hidden Secrets of the Dream Board That Allowed Me to Manifest the Love of My Life Easily & Effortlessly
  • An aesthetic, clear and exemplified workbook in which you design your own love life: from the big picture to the details you never thought of before - and which will make all the difference
  • The 4 bonus audios: Vibrating Love Meditation, Receptive Mode Breathing, Start Fresh Meditation and 5D Immersive Experience
  • Access to the community
attract love now

Dream Mate

  • For your security, all payments are made on a secure SSL encrypted server.
AND the cherry on the top, très chère,

Here are the answers to your questions

How much time should I spend per day?

I will recommend you to be able to spend 20 minutes each morning and evening to tap into the love frequency.

Other changes might occur that will make you live your daily life in a different way as well. So no more time is required for this, you will just need to create the necessary changes to live differently.

I already have met my partner, could I join?

Yes! Because I teach you the concept of the law of attraction that you can use to attract and improve your love life. Also, you'll be able to apply these exact same principles to attract anything else you desire in your life.

A woman joined the program, even while being already in a relationship, and here is what she said:

“It's amazing! It's simple, fresh and super effective!

Even if you are used to the law of attraction, to the dream board technique... it's just great to let yourself be carried away and guided. I was really amazed because I realized that we could use it to put the ideal in the relationship with the partner we already have.

Dream Mate will help to deepen the vision for your love relationship and add the juicy details you are looking for to live with you partner, but you maybe haven't dared to asked for yet! ;) 

What is the goal of Dream Mate? What is it and not about?

Dream Mate is about attracting your ideal partner and manifesting the vision that you have about the love life of your dreams.

Dream Mate is NOT a healing program. We do have some tools to help you release blocks around love. But the deep inner healing work regarding your self-esteem, yourself as a woman, and to embody completely the radiant woman who is keeping his dream partner is not in this program.

If you are looking for a more in depth transformation, we suggest you to consult the Souveraine de l'Amour® program which is specifically designed to provide you with the deep healing tools that you need to reclaim your self-worth, sensuality, femininity and complete as a woman. Souveraine de l'Amour® is specifically created to help you keep and maintain a healthy harmonious love relationship, while Dream Mate is ONLY focused on the attraction process.

What is my part in Dream Mate?

I provide you with everything that you need in order to attract your love partner. Please not that I do not provide, in this offer, tools to heal yourself from any emotional, physical, psychological wounds.

Once you have access to this knowledge and practices, this is your decision to fully commit to your love attraction process. Your results will depend on your actions and ability to apply the principles.

I am not responsible in any way, from any inconvenience from the use of the practices and information. By joining Dream Mate, you agree that your results depend on your will to follow the course.

If ever you follow the exact steps and still don't manifest your partner, I am still not responsible for these results. What you need to understand is that some people need more in-depth healing and transformation in order to manifest their love life. It depends on your personal life and experiences.

At any time, if you desire to go deeper in the process, Souveraine de l'Amour® is designed to help you in your love healing journey.

Can I get a refund?

No, there is no refund available for this program. All sales are finals and not refundable.

If a payment plan has been agreed, you will be held accountable in completing the agreed payments at the agreed times.

How long do I have access to the community?

We guarantee the access to the community for the next 6 months from the moment you join.

How long do I have access to the course?

We guarantee the access to the community for the next 2 years from the moment you join.

Could I contact Claire Chiron directly?

You can ask your questions within the community and I'll answer them there.

Now, for an emergency situation, you can send me an email to the address given within the program.

Please note that I am not a Doctor or a licensed therapist. If at any moment, you need some therapeutic support, refer to my recommended therapists or the one of your choice.

Is the data I share in the social network really private?

We use the Telegram app for our community.

So the privacy policy is the Telegram's one. We recommend you to only share the information that you really want to share and feel comfortable with. You are responsible for any kind of content that you share (video, image, audio, text).

What if I have another question that is not listed here?

For any other questions before joining the program, send us an email at

DISCLAIMER: The Dream Mate program is not a process that certifies you to attract the love of your life and create the perfect love relationship, for sure. The results you see on this page are out of the ordinary. We cannot guarantee you will have the same results, because they depend on your current situation, your willingness to change, your involvement and your diligence throughout the program. All of our programs require hard work, commitment and discipline. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not guarantee your ability to achieve results or to attract the love of your life and create the perfect love relationship with our teachings, information, tools or strategies. We don't know you and what's more, your results in life depend on you. We just want to help you with great content, direction and strategies. You should know that all products and services of our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, none of our websites, or any of our content or programs is a promise or guarantee of future results, healing or financial gain, and we do not offer any legal, medical, therapeutic, psychiatric, tax or tax advice. other. Claire is not a Doctor or a licensed therapist. Her work is a collection of coaching and healing experiences. If you feel you suffer from a medical, psychiatric, mental disorder or chemical issue, please make sure you consult the right practitioner for you. *The testimonials contained here were made by people who have participated in our programs. Claire Chiron did not pay any consideration for these testimonies.