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empowered eating challenge

take your power back over food

A self-love journey to reconnect with your body through food

Are you ready to change your relationship with food?

Identify the root cause of emotional eating

Erase any binge eating &  food cravings

Stop feeling guilty about eating satisfying sweets

Learn to reconnect to your body through what you eat

it's just

really powerful

"I was using chocolate, or very sugar based food as a way to comfort me and help me feel safe.

Claire was able to evoke in me a real feeling of safety.

I'm noticing my cravings for sugar diminish more and more every day. It's just really powerful.


United Kingdom

Do you ever feel bad after eating something sweet?

Do you, too, often surprise yourself to think about food all the time?!

Well you're not alone…

You see, most women struggle with their relationship with food, feel guilty most of the time to eat too much of this, and too less of that…

It's a constant ping-pong game happening in their head from morning to evening. They constantly try so hard to finally…

Create a Healthy & Serene Relationship with Food

Create a Healthy

& Serene Relationship With Food

That's because for too long, your thoughts and emotions have been CONTROLLED by food, and nobody told you how to actually change this.

Or worse… That your thoughts and emotions could actually influence the way you eat.

If that sounds like you, I’ve got great news…


Empowered Eating Challenge

a new innovative & fun way to:

  • Recreate a healthy relationship with food
  • Identify the root cause of your emotional eating
  • Stop feeling guilty about what you eat
  • Put an end to sugar cravings
  • Smoothly reconnect to your real body needs
  • Love and care about your body more than ever!

Hi, my name is Claire Chiron,

For many, many years, I have been struggling with food, emotional eating and especially sugar addiction.

At first, I didn't realise that this symptoms were the signs of an addiction. 

Symtoms like extreme high level of stress, hormonal imbalance, headaches, weight gain, incredibly low energy, foggy mind, insomnia with panic attacks, easily irritated, just to name a few…

And always wanting to eat more sugar.

All of these symptoms, unfortunately, were keeping me from thriving in my professional and personal life.

I was feeling depressed most of the time, was completely unable to focus and my self-esteem and confidence were terribly low.

So I did my research, bought some online programs, tried to apply them. But every time, one thing was missing… 

They all taught how to eat differently, to try another diet, to cut the sugar right away.

After trying these methods, and failing at them, I felt really powerless regarding food.

The missing ingredient was… that they never really talked about the connection between certain foods and the emotional attachement we could have to them.

So after, 6 months of trying practices, and at the end, creating my own emotional eating & sugar addiction healing process,

I ended up being completely sugar-free.

Surprisingly, I wasn't craving sugar anymore. I had now more energy to focus on my dreams and more desire to kiss my partner! ;) 

I can say that I have taken my power back over food and feel completely empowered regarding my food and body relationships.

And to help you live the same transformation,

I created this juicy 

path for you

And to help you live

the same transformation,

I created this juicy path for you


day 1



Cravings will start to decrease after this day. You will know how to identify the root cause of your cravings and stop eating food that make you feel bad.


day 2



Have you ever identified what you really eat and why you really eat it? This challenge will surprise you and give you the insights you need to stop your cravings.


day 3


This day is my favorite! You will end the day feeling comforted and supported by food through this really soothing food experience…


day 4



Because, as an emotional eater, food pleasure is our main criteria, why can't we enjoy eating what we love without guilt?! Let's drop the guilt around food for good!


day 5

stress less, eat less

Do you feel stressed all the time? Food can be one of the reasons. You will feel strongly empowered to know how to manage your stress just through food.


day 6



As a French cuisine advocate, I will give you my secrets to stay thin and healthy at each meal (even during the richest ones!) just by this simple shift.


day 7

sweet babes don't need sugar

This is THE day! Will you succeed to stop eating sugar for an entire day? Hint: It can be easier than you think. ;)

and here
are the tools to
and here are the tools to

take your power back over food

empowered eating practices

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Watch how Jane stopped her sugar cravings

Watch how Jane

stopped her sugar cravings

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empowered eating

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Questions & Answers

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for any person who struggle with emotional eating, which means that you have some food relationship disorders such as certain food cravings, sugar addiction, binge eating.

Is it live or pre-recorded?

The content of the challenge is pre-recorded so that you can consume it at your own pace. However, you have access to the community where you can share your victories, share your struggles too, cheer other participants and ask your questions.

Is it only for women?

No. The challenge is mainly created for women. But if you are man, resonating with this challenge, and want to give it a try, you are more than welcome! If men and women are different on certain points, the way your emotional reaction to food works is the same either you are a man or a woman.

Can I take longer than 7 days?

Yes. You are absolutely free to consume the challenge in 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months… ;) My personal recommendation would be to mark your calendar with the challenges to complete, do them once, and then coming back to it as much as you need to see the results that you want.

What if I have another question that is not listed here?

For any other questions before joining the challenge, send us an email at