From Engineering Studies to Relationship Coaching & Meeting Meditation Experts

Madeline and I talk about all the journey to become an entrepreneur and my journey through my career, meditation and creativity.

About Claire Chiron

Claire is an international speaker, entrepreneur, creator of Souveraine de l'Amour and co-founder of Succellium.

Claire spoke at the Health, Healing & Happiness conference in Sedona, Arizona. Claire has traveled to 15 countries around the world to meet the leading experts in meditation and neuroscience.

She had a series of psychic and spiritual experiences which revealed to her other fields of perception and consciousness, through which she experienced a profound life transformation.

She applied all this knowledge to attract the man of her life. She has now been living with him for over 3 years.

She teaches women to become the woman they always dreamed of being and to naturally attract the perfect man for them.

In this interview, you will learn:

1. My transformation within my career

  • My story transitioning from engineering studies to online coaching
  • My first company at 12 years old
  • The biggest and toughest decision of my life
  • Dealing with emotions of what it feels to jump into the unknown
  • I created my overall career transition and life transformation from my thoughts and emotions only 
  • How my 8-month travel made me achieve my dreams

2. I have been initiated to meditation

  • What I would say to someone who has never meditated before or finds it very difficult to meditate
  • The right way to see meditation
  • What is "quantum leaping”?

3. Where I find my inspiration for creativity

  • What made me think "I need to show women how they can attract their ideal partner" in your business
  • Why what I do is so special
  • My passion to evolve through your lifetime
  • The 2 key elements why you need to become the woman you always wanted to be 

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