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Tapping Into Love

tapping into emotional dependency

Why You Haven't Met Your Partner Yet

I'll Be Happy when I'll Meet Him

Believe in True Love (Again or for the 1st Time)

Feel that Love is Rare

When I Want My Ideal Man NOW

My Life is Too Complicated

Anxiety for the 1st Date

Tapping to be a love magnet

Receive Love

Believe that Love is Available at Any Age

Attract Love

Attract my Ideal Man NOW

Finally Find Him

Meet the One

tapping for a healthy relationship

Keep your Man

Heal any Repelling Behaviours

Make Him Say that You Are Beautiful

The emotionally healthy woman Bonus

Start by Decreasing your Mental Activity

tapping to feel better

Decrease Anxiety

Go through Boredom

Feel Supported

tapping to feel wonderful

Feel Super Enough

Beautiful Shiny Hair

Amplify your Joie de Vivre!

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  • You need clarity in the type of man and relationship you want, but you know yourself well enough to know what you want to experience in love.
  • You want to meet the man of your life, but you've had enough of seduction techniques or dating apps.
  • You want a fresh, original and more human approach directly connected to your desires.

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