Align yourself, go deep and be ready to receive love 

You will love this interview if you are looking for a pragmatic approach to dating and attracting love. So listen to Tracey-Anne juicy secrets and great advice!

About Tracey-Anne Greenhow

Tracey-Anne is a fully qualified Life Coach trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and has been coaching people to manifest the life of their dreams for over 15 years. 

Having thought she would always be the single one and become a ‘cat lady’ (she doesn’t even like cats), she wanted to change her destiny! 

Using her now 5 step formula she managed to manifest her now husband Daniel in just 8 weeks! 

She has a husband (Daniel), 2 sons and multiple successful businesses! 

Her life purpose has become teaching others how they can also totally transform their own lives. 

Some have even beat her 8 week record!

In this interview, you will learn:

1. Everything about attracting love

  • What is your story? How did you attract your partner and husband?
  • What works is required to be open to love
  • The full introspection process to find love
  • Learn to be ok to be on your own
  • How to handle the fear of getting to the next level
  • Is action the real answer?

2. Tracey-Anne's Secrets

  • How to date successfully even during lockdown

More about Tracey-Anne

  • Trcaey-Anne on Facebook

  • Tracey-Anne Greenhow's Website
Episode n°15 - the Claire Chiron show

Couple Discovery Experience Guide

Want to make your dates funnier and deeper then ever?

Bored of going from date to date, feeling disappointed? Tired of not knowing how to connect on a deep level with the man you like? Let me show you how...

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Hi, I'm Claire Chiron

After 5 years of daily committed emotional healing and 1,500+ hours of meditation practice, I have developed heightened emotional intelligence skills to lead CEOs, high-achievers, closers, HR, real estate agents and employees improve their emotional, mental and work performance to create connect with their prospects at a deeper level and ultimately increase their sales and revenues.

On the feminine side, I help women reconnect to their femininity and create healthy relationships with themselves and their lover to embrace their life with joy and serenity.