How to express your sensual energy all day long

This is a very great conversation for you to dive into your feminine and more sensual energy that you can actually activate all day long! Yes, you can and this is how in this interview with Nicole Buratti.

About Nicole Buratti

Nicole Buratti is a global sex influencer. She is the editor in chief of Sex Talk Magazine, author of The GEMMA Method: Sex for the Modern Woman, and host of two podcasts: Sex Talk with Nicole and the soon-to-be-released Between the Sheets.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • The real secret about orgasm
  • The magic hold within the pelvic area
  • How to keep your sensual energy up all day long
  • A bit about hormones and about how to use them consciously
  • The GEMMA Method

More about Nicole  Buratti

  • Sex Talk Magazine

  • Nicole Buratti's Website
Episode n°16 - the Claire Chiron show

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