Pursue Your Creative Calling As A Student with Madeline Luc

This conversation is especially for you if you are a student and you don't know how to affirm your heart desires. You have a deep calling to follow your passion and do good through it, then listen to what's Madeline has to say to you.

About Madeline Luc

Madeline is a mindset and creativity coach.

Previously, she was a tutor specialising in helping students generate ideas for their creative writing pieces. After taking the time to understand what creativity can truly do for students in the 21st century, she is now committed to show up on the timeless portal to teach aspiring creatives to overcome their creative blocks that get in the way of their dream projects.

Join her on a journey to understand human behaviour, spirituality and lifestyle design to help you become the best creator of refreshing and meaningful ideas here online as a studentpreneur and online coach!

In this interview, you will learn:

1. From student to creativity coach

  • Her story & Why teaching about creativity is close to her heart
  • Do you associate being creative with realigning with your true self, who you truly are?
  • Advice for students who feel like they need to stop pleasing their parents
  • How you can enjoy things you don’t enjoy
  • The benefits of embodying your creative energy on a daily basis as a woman
  • The meaning behind “The Timeless Portal Podcast”
  • How being creative can help us transcend time
  • Your N°1 creative block 

2. Madeline's Secrets

  • Madeline's Secrets to enter the creative flow

More about Madeline Luc

  • FREE ‘Pursue Your Creative Calling' Workbook

  • Madeline's Website
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