The Instant Reality Shift – Ep 43

November 21, 2022

Welcome to the Sparklings!

Welcome to my new series The Sparklings or Les Pétillants (in French!). I will actually announce the name in a further episode, by now, you already know 😜

My goal with this vibrant series is that I'll bring you some fun and interactive ways and questions to evolve as a feminine women. Because femininity is all about being joyful, freed up, liberated, self-expressed, radiant and sparkling life, joy and love all around you, these short episodes are specifically designed to exhibit this part of yourself!!

This will teach your mind that you can have fun and be feminine, and elegant, and attractive, and radiant at the same time! And it's especially when you are in this energy that you magnetize the most around you!! 😍🤩

Are you ready for this first sweet, funny and short episode from The Sparklings series??

Let's go!! 😍🥂💃

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