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What they say

"You are a woman who really and fully wants to help the women.

You are here to guide us, to help us concretely manifest the situations in our life, align ourselves with our true selves. It speeds up our evolution in an impressive way!"


I was able to live wonderful moments and today I continue to change for a better relationship.

I am grateful to have experienced what I experienced. And today I am another person ready to live better experiences!”


You're busy? Me too.

And you want to attract love and meet your man? This was me too.

Get access to a FREE 7 Tapping video series to start to tap into Love even if you are super super busy, and have absolutely no time for this right now. Just give it a try now.

what you will receive:

Finally make yourself available, even as a busy working woman to attract the emotionally available man you are looking for!

  • Tapping for easy dating and make yourself available even if you are a busy working womanapping
  • Tapping to meet a man even when you spend all your time at work
  • Tap into your most authentic self in any circumstances at work - even in masculine work places
  • Tap into instant presence and groundedness when you feel super stressed and up in your head
  • Breathing exercise to relax and feel calmer when stressed at work
  • My best tips to be attractive at work

Works in 60 secs

Play the video. Follow along with me. Feel the results.

Focused for Busy Women

7 targeted videos specially to help you attract love, even under stress.

Feel relaxed & calmer

Yes, this is the unavoidable after effect of tapping. Enjoy! ;)

"Claire’s approach was amazing. I released everything so that I can start a new version of me.

The most important thing is that, for the very first time in 32 years of life, I now truly believe in love. And this is a wonderful gift!”


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