3 signs your body is showing you are speaking with a narcissist

Narcissists, manipulators, sociopath, psychopaths constituted around 15% of people in society, in America.

So at work, you can expect the same amount of toxic people, which means that around 1-2 out of 10 people is not a mentally healthy person and might be severally able to put your mental sanity in danger too.

Narcissists are predators. They act in a very insidious way.

And if you are not vigilant enough, you realize being in the damaging toxic relationship when… it's too late.

So I would like to give you some tips so you can start building your awareness when you feel that a person has good intentions or not towards you.

1. We can start by the ability to *feel* the person

Your body is always right: when you don't feel a person, when you feel repelled by them, pay attention to the sign, because your body and mind might feel some danger.

2. Do you feel energized after you left a conversation with this person?

Or do you rather feel depleted of your energy, like if they sucked you up from all your precious vital life force energy?

If this is the case, well… this is a red alarm.

3. Again, pay attention to the way your body feels, especially around your chest area.

Do you feel open, joyful and light in their presence? Like you can speak about anything?

Or do you feel contracted on the chest? Like a pressure weighing on you?

You feel like stifling and like your self-esteem has instantly disappeared because this person emits this intangible godlike authority on you and you can't do anything but acquiesce, obey and see yourself being shamefully submissive in front of them…

Which is really devastating for your self worth.

What you can remind from this article is to learn to deeply listen to your body, because your body is your physical vehicle and, I promise, it NEVER EVER lies.

So what do you feel about this?

Don't worry if you are not able to detect all of these signs right away or to *feel* the person  and to have enough discernment.

Because it’s like a muscle, you need time to practice to develop your mental and emotional awareness around this topic.

And again, if you are attracting these type of people, it means that inside of your body, there are patterns in yourself in your subconscious that attract these people towards yourself.

When I work with clients, this is what we specifically work on. So we can actually clear all of these blocks and stop these toxic relationship dynamics within your business and your personal life.

And you can also start to train yourself now by sharing in the comments if you had been in a toxic relationship before, whether in business or not. And what signs made you realize they were toxic, and even dangerous, for you? 😊👇👇👇

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