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Dream Mate

Level 1 - beginner

Learn how to use the power of the dream board and master the basics of the law of attraction to attract the loving, committed male man of your dreams and experience the relationship of your dreams now.

Woman Of Exception

Level 2 - Transformation

12 weeks of LIVE coaching to break your limiting beliefs, recreate a healthy relationship with yourself and find an affectionate, masculine man, with high standards and ready to commit.

Woman of Exception

8 weeks group coaching
  • Say goodbye to toxic relationships for good
  • Free yourself from any painful and recurring relationship pattern
  • Eliminate 111+ limiting beliefs about relationships, love, men ...
  • Activate your power and say no when a relationship is bad and toxic for you
  • Learn the origin of your relationship patterns and how they shaped your relationships in love, life and friendship
  • Restore deep self-confidence
  • Love yourself more deeply than you have ever been loved by another person
  • Attract a loving and emotionally available partner to your life