A Shift In Identity – Ep 31

November 13, 2022

Welcome to following of The Claire Chiron Show!

There has been a new shift in my identity, in the identity of your brands and in the realignment that happened within myself during the last months. It took some time to really realign with the real message and teachings I wanted to bring you.

You will be able to tell that there has been a real shift in my voice, the way I speak, the way I express myself, the way I invite you inside my world. And I take you through the explanation of all these changes and what really happened...

These are some of the topics I speak about in this episode:

  • If you are a business owner and/or have a brand, I share with you my breakthroughs to build your brand identity
  • How I healed deep emotional blocks I was holding on for years in minutes
  • The 2 major fears that were keeping me from expressing my truth

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