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See our list of courses to heal from your emotional dependency, manifest more love and incredible health with more Joie de Vivre!

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emotional freedom

It's Time to live

Free yourself from toxic relationships to shine and live your life without guilt

À toi de vivre

Libère-toi des relations toxiques pour vivre heureuse, sans culpabilité


Heal from toxic limiting patterns and relationships and reclaim your self-worth

Love & Couple

Tapping Into Love

Immediately shift from lack to a loving attractive magnetic energy

Dream mate

Attract your ideal man with the power of the vision board

Partenaire De Rêve

Attire l'homme de tes rêves avec le pouvoir de ton tableau de rêves

Golden Couple

10 golden rules for a thriving and lasting relationship

Couple En Or

10 règles d'or pour une relation de couple harmonieuse et durable

Souveraine Of Love®

Embody your sensual self and create your dream love relationship

Souveraine de l'amour®

Reconnecte avec ta sensualité et crée la relation amoureuse de tes rêves

Emotional Eating

Empowered Eating Challenge

7 days to stop letting what you eat dictate your life and take your power back over food

Amazon nutrition

Heal from emotional eating. Quit sugar addiction. Heal your relationship to your body.


A Delicious Dream

Use the power of your senses and emotions to manifest your dream life

7 Energy spheres

Heal, reprogram & activate your 7 energy centers to be a magnet for your dreams

mind performance

Mind clarity

Improve attention time span & Focus

Energy balancing

Immunity to Overwhelm, Stress & Burnout

Super Mind

Meditations to shift your emotional state under 5 min.

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