Become The Souveraine Of Your Life

Take back control on your life, master your thoughts and emotions & create your deepest desires

with femininity, intuition, confidence and the fRENCH TOUCH

Très chère,

allow me to ask the following questions...

  • Are you mentally and emotionally drained?
  • Do you feel your current daily life is running out of joy, fulfillment and energy?
  • Do you feel stressed or stretched between all your daily tasks?
  • Do you feel as if you're living next to your life, as if time is slipping through your hands, and don't know how to catch with it?
  • Disappointed by what you haven't accomplished at the end of the day?
  • Are you yearning for MORE from life? Are you looking for something more exciting than a normal daily routine?
  • Are you ready to express yourself as the woman you've always desired to be?
  • Do you want to have the faith, bravery, and audacity to pursue your wildest dreams regardless of what others think?

If you nodded for any of statements above,

I would like to show you how you can become the very special woman you are waiting to be called a "Souveraine."

(meaning Sovereign in French)

Because why staying the same...

When You Can become a Souveraine?

If you stay the same...

Your future will look like exactly the same than your current daily life.

A maybe not very fulfilling job, but at least you can pay the bills.

But you can feel stressed because what you live now is not fulffiling yourself. You are looking for more but never find what it is.

You end up living a little boring life. Nothing new. Nothing different. The Mrs everyone's life.

You can find yourself, repeating the same mental and emotional patterns that just end up making you live your past again and again.

When you stay the same, your life, your surroundings, your job, your love relationship, your appearance and the way you see yourself stay... the same for as long as you decide to.

You may realize living for the dreams of others, not yours.

And you accept your situation as it is, with no way to escape it.

Feeling hopeless and stuck.

Now, what happens when you become a Souveraine?

Being Souveraine of your life is being willing to evolve on a daily basis. You live a life on your terms. Following your own inspirations, not theirs.

It's reclaiming ownership of your life. It's saying YES to your heart desires and living according to your own well-oiled intuition.

It's doing at every instant the things that only light you up.

It’s accepting your femininity and sensuality and having the feeling of dancing with life.

Being Souveraine needs bravery and deep will to live as a unique and special woman.

As she shines in her uniqueness, she attracts meaningful relationships, joyful opportunities and exciting adventures.

She stops apologizing for being just her...

Feminine. Elegant. Intuitive. Ambitious. Radiant. Creator. Aligned. Sensual.

Are you excited to become the Souveraine of your Life?

Hello, dear friend!

My name is Claire Chiron

I'm glad to meet you.

For more than 4 years, I have been training women to live ambitious lives full of femininity by changing their perception of themselves.

After completely changing my mental and emotional environment to transform my own life, I know the steps to take to change yours and live your desires.

Not so long ago, I remember thinking back to this 10-year-old little girl who wanted to live her wildest dreams.

But growing up, I let myself be influenced by society, by the rules imposed by education, by my family and everyone around me.

Like everyone else, I made studies (which I hated).
Why ? Because I had chosen to live someone else's dream.

Was it fun to live? No.
Was it frustrating? Oh hell yes.

I remember living this year and a half as a step backwards, a dead end. I was alone. I couldn't find anyone to rely on. I didn't know what to do or where to go.

So I continued this engineering journey until I opened my eyes. Finally.

But the hardest part was yet to come...

When I decided to stop denying my dreams and ambitions, to embrace them fully, I had to face some violent objections:

“You are crazy for wanting to quit your studies to live your dreams!”

“You are irresponsible!”

“You won't make it!”

And the last sentence was the one that struck me the most:

“This is the worst mistake you can make” 

Looking back, I know what happened: I abandoned my power in the hands of others and surrendered the sovereignty of my life to people who had no idea what to do with theirs.

But all this changed that day, when I made the decision to totally change my life at 180°, in just a few months...

It was in December 2016 that I made this promise to myself:

I will not end 2017 without: 
  1. Leaving my engineering school
  2. Being an international speaker
  3. Having lived in Los Angeles
  4. Having finally met "The Love of My Life"

That evening, a spark was ignited. I saw a way out again. And even more, I saw very clearly dozens of new possibilities open to me.

Did I have to work in the same place, in the same office, the same amount of hours, for the rest of my life? No.

Did I have to constantly satisfy the desires and expectations of others just to please them and gain their recognition?

Did I have to bear the presence of people who absolutely did not support what I wanted to experience? Of course not!

In fact, I didn't need to change anything. At all.

This was a major turning point in my transformation.

I didn't have to do anything except do what I thought I had to do...

It was then that I realized that the obligations and the pain we experience can be avoided, because we create the way we want to live our life. Nobody else do.

As soon as I had that epiphany, everything changed drastically.

Because, beyond all these rules that I forced myself to follow, I wanted to live as a free, independent woman, who has projects in her head and accomplishes them one after the other.

I wanted to feel alive, radiant, sparkling, radiant, to be alongside people like me who share the same aspirations.

I wanted to reclaim my freedom!

The same year I quit my studies, I left everything behind with them.

I left my old life and the people who belonged to it behind me.

I went and traveled and embraced my path of becoming a personal development coach and speaker. I spoke at a 3-day international conference in Sedona, Arizona. I met the man of my life.

I organized 2 personal development retreats in Quebec. I have traveled to over 20 countries to meet leading experts in neuroscience, meditation and spirituality, including Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Over these 8 months, I have become a completely new woman. I have started to feel and think like a free, joyful, loving, vibrant and thriving woman. I met people that looked like her and this is the way I continued to live.

And today, I'm very proud to acknowledge that:

"I've embodied her. 

I've fulfilled her desires.

I reclaimed my life's sovereignty.”

Becoming Souveraine of my life has transformed it completely.

Living a life full of unexpected exciting opportunities, trustworthy friendships, a flourishing business that offers remarkable transformations, with the genuine and intimate love relationship I'd envisioned, me radiating from a deep feeling of joy and fulfillment.

This is the magic behind becoming Souveraine.

As an expert in emotional transformation, I specialize in assisting women in changing their relationship with themselves and reclaiming control of their lives.

I'm the most happier when I witness a woman overcome her past blockages, seeing the emotional transformation unfold in front of my eyes, and seeing the new opportunities for change unfold in front of her just a few hours or days later.

When I work with women like you who want more from life, one thing is plainly obvious: you must design and embody the woman you desire in order to have an extraordinary existence.

Let me guide you.

They have been coached by Claire

"You are a woman who really and fully wants to help the women who follow the program, you are here to guide us. And all the exercises, meditations, challenges, are here to help us concretely create the events in our life, aligning ourselves with our true selves.

It speeds up our evolution in an impressive way! "


Paris, france

"Thanks you !
This is the best thing that has happened to me in 2021. I did in 5 weeks what I had never understood in several years. Thank you very much Claire Chiron. "


Ottawa, Canada

“Thank you so much Claire for being here and understanding, it feels so good to be supported that way.”


Quebec, canada

Reclaiming your Sovereignty over your life requires acknowledging that you have dreams, big dreams, acting courageously and daring to make them a reality regardless of the circumstances.

Reclaiming your personal power entails altering your feelings, emotions, and behaviour toward yourself, as well as the way you refer about and see yourself. Thus, the universe mirrors back to you this new reality.

Becoming the Souveraine of your life makes you:
  • Deepen your connection with people
  • Elevate your self-esteem and yourself
  • Appear like a million-dollar lady
  • Visit places that feel like home
  • Find the One on the first date
  • Attracts money with ease and fluidity
  • Want to nourish your body with the best food
  • Take care of your body like a gem
The woman who becomes a Souveraine falls in love with herself
& make her all world and surroundings sing with her.

If you don't want to stay the same anymore, feeling drained, stuck, constantly overwhelmed of living an unmeaningful life, then becoming a Souveraine, a brave and audacious woman ready to live her dreams, is the answer.

A Souveraine lives according to these 4 pillars:

You embrace your full femininity

You feel unique, authentic and unapologetic, feminine, at ease with your sensuality and in tune with your emotions.

You are guided by your intuition

Your heart is wide open. You radiate health and clarity. You follow and trust your intuition that always lead you to the right people, opportunities and aligned actions.

You embody full confidence

You love yourself deeply, respect yourself for who you are, have a great self-esteem. And your surroundings in mirroring this image back to you.

You are the creator of your life

You embody the audacious and brave woman who consciously create her reality on a daily basis. You shift your emotions to match an always more joyful, loving and vibrant new reality.

How would your life be different if you unapologetically

embodied the Souveraine of your Life?


The new days you'll spend doing what you love, surrounded with heart-centered loving friends, knowing that no matter what happens today you are pride of you because you love yourself and receiving unexpected gifts and opportunities to grow even more. Everything would come from a place of pure joy, love and fulfillment.

How would you feel when you wake up?
What would you do during the day?

Where would you live?
Who would you be friend with?

How would others perceive you?

What would you create more in your life?

I have seen women shift their deep sense of insecurity and low self-esteem into taking control back of their lives, by changing the way they felt about themselves and the life they were living. They decided to become a Souveraine too. I can tell you that your possibilities of growth are infinite.

If it's hard for you to become the woman you want to be, let me tell you that you are closer than you think:

You are one emotional shift away

from becoming the Souveraine of your Life.

This is why, together, we will transform these 6 areas of your life

Take control back of your life no matter what & live YOUR dreams

Master your thoughts and emotions & understand your subconscious patterns

Reconnect to your yourself and learn to love yourself deeply

Embody elegance and femininity in your everyday & elevate your standards

Develop your intuition and your creation power and create your dearest desires

Become friend with your body again and reclaim your sensuality

What you will learn

Your Souveraine transformation is global

The Ateliers address with all the topics you need to recreate a balance in your life as a woman.

You're going to reappropriate your femininity, to live with confidence and serenity, to develop your 6th sense, to gain the respect of those around you, to become friends with your body again, sharpen and strengthen your creative power, etc.

Also, I take into account the suggestions made to create tailor-made Ateliers that meet your exact needs.

You access all the upcoming experiences

Awaken your potential

vision & expansion
Develop your vision & expansion

Connect to your deepest desires. Redefine your year. Rewrite your story. Be completely certain and confident that your desires will finally come true at 200%. Multiply your self-confidence by 10.


expansion lifestyle
Make Expansion Your New Lifestyle

Put an end to stress and live your daily life with fluidity and ease. Stop thinking small and embody the Souveraine who lives and creates her dreams. Access my personal process for making every day a success.


Master Discipline

Habits integration
Master the art of habits integration

With this advanced method, learn to integrate your new habits every day for good. Each new action becomes completely automatic, like second nature.


unlimited happiness
unlimited happiness

We all hit a plateau in some areas of our life. Break the hidden obstacles that prevent you from living a joyful and fulfilling life and rejoice in leveling up.


attract love

dream board to dream mate

Own one of the most spectacular tools that have helped me manifest my dreams since my 10 years old and the man of my life.


upcoming experiences in 2021

Intuitive Nutrition

21 days to heal your emotional relationship with food, reconnect to your natural body needs & erase cravings and emotional eating forever


envision your dream
envision your dream

Master the basics of the law of attraction through visualization and your dream board. I give you all my secrets so that you manifest love, a new job... in 21 days!


7 energy spheres experience
The 7 Energy Spheres

A unique experience to heal your emotional wounds, reconnect to your body wisdom & unlock the energy codes to access your intuition for accurate daily guidance, ease and flow.


I Am The Oracle

Embark in a 21-day journaling experience to connect to your higher self, get the answer to your most mysterious questions & be lead by intuition night & day.


Emotional Elegance

Being classy & elegant comes from the value of your emotional state. It means being emotionally elegant. Change your mental dialogue. Set boundaries. Love your inner self.


The Luxurious Woman

Live in an emotionally rich energy and vibration. See your environment obeying to this frequency and aligning with more luxe, freedom and Joie de Vivre.


Total Value of the Experiences:


+ 1 new LIVE experience is added each month

Also included in Souveraine Membership

Salon of The Souveraines de l'Amour

After each Weekly Salons and Ateliers, if you are a Souveraine of Love member, you receive a privileged invitation to join your exclusive salon, in which I answer your questions closely related to your personal transformation.


To integrate this knowledge

& apply it in your life,

You benefit from the Succellium ecosystem:

1. you are always supported

The Souveraine's Circle

(Value $997)

Receive a warm welcome à la française. Introduce yourself to your new Souveraine sister, French and from all over the world. Create deep connections. Interact and ask all your questions. Becoming a Souveraine is an on-going journey. It's better to share it with your sisterhood!

This is the only community of women where you'll find highly committed, empowered and supported women to grow with. Get ready for an exciting transformation!

  • Your privileged circle of friends is always available on our private social network!
2. you know what to do

LIVE 90-min Ateliers

(Value $297)

In these Ateliers, I give you my secrets to live the Souveraine's life by focusing on your mental and emotional transformation.

These Ateliers will teach you to embody the full femininity & confidence and be in tune with your intuition and emotions to embody the woman you dream of becoming.

  • During each Atelier, you can ask us your most pressing questions. Everything is allowed.
3. get your questions answered

LIVE Mentoring Salons

(Value $297)

Join a call and receive coaching... or attend one of your new Souveraine sisters' personal coaching sessions.

You will break old patterns, erase limiting beliefs and go through live emotional transformations (my specialty).

You will never be the same again after attending a powerful coaching session. Your mental and emotional shifts will create sustainable changes and ripple effects for weeks after.

  • We like to savour a tea or a coffee during this privileged moment!
4. shift your emotions daily

Emotional transformation technology

(Value $564)

Put your headphones on. Follow my voice. Travel to another time space with the deep relaxation sounds. Let yourself feel your sensations. Shifts your emotions as they come to embody the woman you want to be, one listening at a time.

We all dreamed of being able to integrate new knowledge and new patterns as easily as installing new software on a computer. This cutting edge technology is the solution.

To integrate each Atelier, you receive a transformational audio to reprogram your subconscious, instantly change your mental and emotional state, and lift your blockages to immediately realign yourself with the woman you want to be.

They are already in Souveraine and here is what they say

"I have changed a lot in the last 12 weeks, moreover people around me have noticed it. I am much more open, much more aware of the reality around me. I feel more complete, I am fully embodying the woman I really am. I have literally transformed my life. "


paris, france

“I feel ready to move on! I am so happy to be in this program. This is what I needed to boost myself to be fully who I am and want to be, in addition to having given to me the courage to move forward and trust in life again. ”


paris, france

You are your own most valuable asset.

Here's my pro tip for you:

The best way you can spend money is on your personal growth. Because you can't lose it. You can't forget about it. What has been changed will be forever and you will be so proud of you to have taken the leap. 

This commitment to yourself will not only affect your relationship with yourself but will influence your all world around you. The way you respond to your environment, the quality of your work, your presence for everything you do, the ease to receive more money and creative ideas etc.

Remember, when you change your mental and emotional state, you change your entire reality around you.

Souveraine is the most transformational program available for women who want to reclaim their Souveraine status in their lives.

For $97 a month, you access an entire community where you are always supported and guided on a daily basis to embody the woman you want to be.

You can cancel at any time, but after the changes you will see, I know you'll want to stay and commit for more transformation to come.

Are you ready to become Souveraine of your Life?

If you're constantly worrying about your future, this is for you.

If you're tired of continuously not feeling enough, this is for you.

If you're looking for ongoing support, this is for you.

If you're willing to really fall in love with yourself, this is for you.

If you're ready to commit to a deep transformation, this is for you.

If you want to live and receive more in your feminine flow, this is for you.

If you want to live each day with confidence, power and pride, this is for you.

If you want to discover the Souveraine who lives inside you, this is for you.

You are one emotional shift away from being the Souveraine of your Life.

Let starts feeling more like her.

You access :

  • A private VIP community with inspiring women
  • 2 immersive LIVE Ateliers each month
  • 2 LIVE Q&A coaching sessions each month
  • 1 aesthetic workbook of exercises & rituals each month
  • Bonus Dream Board To Dream Mate course
  • Privilege Bonus for Souveraines of Love
  • Replays of all previous à la carte Ateliers and virtual Salons

Souveraine Member

Pay monthly. Cancel anytime.

$200 /month
  • For your security, all payments are made on a secure encrypted server.

What Happens After You Order

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Click the I become Souveraine above and you’ll be taken to a Secure Order Page

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Enjoy your new program


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They started before you

"If you feel stuck and lost; if you can no longer live like that and don't find any meaning in what you do; if you are ready to really change, to experience a real internal transformation; if you are ready to rediscover yourself and to change your opinions on yourself, on your loved ones and on life; if you are ready to open up to love in order to love yourself more and to love life, then I recommend this program a thousand times! "


paris, france

"I realized that with your exercises, I am able to achieve a level I have never been to before: I have decided to focus on my emotional freedom and liberation and on the woman I want to become!"


paris, france
AND the cherry on the top, très chère,

Here are the answers to your questions

How does this membership work?

The transformation happens over the months, live experiences after live experiences, surrounded with the Souveraine's Circle. We do it in 5 different ways to help you transform yourself in the best possible way.

1. The 1st live of the month is a Creation Atelier. This is the time when I teach you what you are going to implement for the rest of the month.

2. The 2nd live of the month is the Souveraine Activation Circle. This is the moment you don't want to miss. Here we manifest together through the power of group energy. If you have ever visualized and manifested things on your own, doing so in a group will tenfold your attraction abilities.

3. The 3rd live of the month is a Mentoring Salon. I answer all your questions and coach you individually to unblock you in your situation and help you make the epiphanies and emotional changes that will start a lasting transformation.

4. The 4th live of the month is a Celebration Time. We celebrate together your success in the experience of the month. You share your success story with the other Souveraine and it is a strong moment full of emotions and inspiration to start the transformation of the following month.

5. Bonus: Between each live, the Souveraine Circle, the private social network, is here so that you can ask all your questions and create conversations with the other Souveraine. I can answer all your questions throughout the month if you need to.

How much time should I spend?

Each session lasts between 1h30 and 2h.

The exercises to implement will allow you to create new rituals in your daily life or they will be naturally incorporated into what you are already doing.

Every day, we recommend devoting 20 minutes to 1 hour of your time to apply these new practices.

You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Because these practices are designed to change your internal mental and emotional conditions so that what you experience in your reality is different from anything you have experienced until now.

Simply said: if you are not yet living the life you want, then dedicating 1 hour a day just to change the way you think, envision your future and feel the emotions will change the way you live entirely.

Remember, you can't change your future if you keep thinking and feeling the same thoughts and feelings.

I really love my life and who I am. Is this program for me?

Yes ! Because who doesn't want to become more, create more and make new girlfriends who share exactly the same values as themselves?

If you are on this page and the message resonates with you, then you certainly have new things to take and learn from this Souveraine Circle.

Stay open and curious. Receive new information. Implement them in your daily life. See your life accelerate before your eyes. Share your success with the other Souveraines!

I followed Souveraine de l'Amour, how is that different?

They are two totally different programs.

Souveraine de l'Amour (meaning Sovereign of Love in English) is a 12 week small group program to experience a healthy and harmonious long term love story specifically. It's an intense and more intimate transformation because there are fewer women.

Souveraine emphasizes being with a community of women who want to develop their femininity, master the woman they are, and sharpen their intuition and capacity of creation. You will create meaningful connections. Each month, you live a new experience of transformation to develop one of these facets of your personality and your life. See Souveraine as a program that accompanies you on a daily basis to flourish and live as a completely fulfilled woman.

Could I contact Claire Chiron directly?

All questions are answered during the lives. In addition, I will not solve each situation directly, on a case-by-case basis. I will give the tools and the necessary insights so that you can make the right decisions on your own. In this way, you take 100% responsibility for your choices and your life.

Now, for an emergency situation, you can send me an email to the address given within the program.

If you wish to have a more private and personal coaching experience, which meets your personal needs, you can join Souveraine de l'Amour.

Is the data I share in the social network really private?

Yes. Our private VIP social network is not you ordinary social network. It's a totally new application, available on phone and desktop. Everything that is published in this social network, remains there, unless authorized to share as a testimonial of your transformation.

Since the data you share is sensitive, personal and intimate, we take the security of all kinds of posted content very seriously.

What if I have another question that is not listed here?

For any other questions before joining the program, send us an email at

Souveraine Member

Pay monthly. Cancel anytime.

$200 /month
  • For your security, all payments are made on a secure encrypted server.