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Claire is just one of the most electrifying speakers on the personal growth stage, with her very unique perceptions and way of teachings, she is reinventing the personal growth and woman empowerment industry.

Today Woman of Exception is by far the most complete and successful program on women empowerment, personal transformation and attracting the one.

A letter from Claire

Connecting with people on stage is one of my greatest gifts and passions. I believe a single impactful keynote has the power to ripple across mankind’s collective consciousness.

I view getting on stage the same way a pro athlete views his game. I don’t take this responsibility lightly and I prepare intensely. I see being asked to speak at your event as a profound honor and I do everything I can to deliver.

I frequently arrive early and embed myself in disguise within the conference to understand attendee needs. And every talk is curated and customized to the audience I speak to. In short, I’m there to do my best to serve you.

Claire has spoken at :

Some Crazy Facts

June 2017

Claire had the opportunity to live one of her most transformational experience with Dr. Joe Dispenza. The results she had after being connected to an electroencephalograph for an hour long surprised the scientists because of her innate ability to access gamma waves after 6 minutes of meditation only and staying there for an hour. For a normal person, this state of mind would take years of practice to access it. It took her 5 months of consistent practice to achieve it. She can show you how.

July 2017

Claire was given the chance organise for the first time a personal development retreat in Quebec with a Libanon personal development trainer as her mentor. She learned everything from organising an event to train people live in 2 months and this event ended up being a very successful and transformational moment.

October 2017

She was invited to prestigious 3-day conference as a speaker - with the presence of Don Jose Ruiz - in Sedona, to share her life changing story : how she visualized changing her life in 2017 and how everything happened in 5 months only - quitting her studies to make her dreams come true. She will tell how she did it so you can live the same too.

October 2017

Claire made her most desire come true : meeting the love of her life. She met her dream partner Emmanuel Beato, a French personal development coach, in Los Angeles, in the most unexpected place in the world : a Hobbit House. But what is most incredible is that she manifested the exact man that was on this Hollister bag : from the the blond hair and blue eyes to the red short and its white cord !

Keynote Topics

Claire speaks to elevate and empower women; with a focus on personal transformation and love life. Audiences describe her talks as inspiring, profound and funny.

She teaches women to know themselves, to discover themselves, to create a vision of their own life, to be comfortable with their femininity and to develop their magnetic attraction in order to then meet their ideal man who corresponds to all their criteria. 

The sample below are a few select speeches from Claire’s career that show is range of style and topic. Each talk is customized to each audience. No two speeches are ever the same.

Breaking down your fears and resistances of living love

Become aware of the fears, blockages and resistances that prevent you from living love and meeting the man of your life. Finally understand why you always meet the same type of emotionally unavailable men, in a couple or already married, who do not respect you and are never ready to commit.

This is a reflection of the beliefs that you have held within for many years. We will analyze these beliefs and fears together and transform them into new positive beliefs to attract this man with ease.

Recreate a healthy relationship with yourself and become irresistible just for yourself

The relationship you have with yourself is your most important relationship. It is by regaining control over your life, taking care of yourself and regaining full self-confidence that you will become irresistible in the eyes of this man.

Understand that if you first become this irresistible, sensual and deeply pleasing woman, you will extremely easily attract men who are looking for this type of confident, attractive and irresistible woman.

The 7 fatal mistakes that will always keep you from attracting love

The law of attraction is a very powerful law when you know exactly how to use it. After 14 years of practicing and realizing many of my dreams, we are going to tackle the 7 mistakes to do to attract love.

You will understand the power of this law and learn to team up with it to work for you. Because maybe you say to yourself "Yes, I know this law, but it never worked for me. I attract the opposite. My man is not there yet and yet I think positive! ”
If you think this, then this conference is definitely for you!
We will go through these 7 mistakes not to make and you will come out with the precious keys that will amplify your power of attraction.

Say goodbye to emotional dependence and stop living for the dreams of others

Having been the victim of emotional dependence myself until I was 24, in particular through romantic relationships, I will address the signs that will determine to what extent you are subject to emotional dependence and how to free yourself from it step by step. step.

I know how much emotional dependence can ruin your life, so I'm going to give you precious advice to apply in your daily life to gradually regain your emotional independence and feel free again. You will regain the confidence to make decisions for yourself, to stop living for the dreams of others and to want to please everyone. Your # 1 mission from now on: regain control over your life and your emotions to regain your freedom.

Reveal the Woman of Exception who is in you

I believe that there is something special and unique about each woman. That’s what I’ve brought into myself for years. I also discovered that to attract your ideal partner, this unique exceptional man, you must first reach this level of exception for yourself.

Before meeting the man of my dreams, I first had to go into the process of becoming and embodying the best version of myself, this exceptional woman. It is by playing this woman that you will inevitably attract and meet remarkable men in your life, including the exceptional man who waited for you to become the femme fatale of his desires.

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