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Here is what you can expect from our group coaching sessions:


"I realized the potential I have and it opened my eyes to life and my future. 

This program was a real introspection and revelation for me.
I thought I had only a monotonous straight line with little choice when in reality I have a multitude!

I feel more anchored, more expanded, both stronger and more sensitive, more open to my emotions, to love and to life. My self-esteem has doubled and my worth has grown exponentially."


souveraine de l'Amour


"Claire’s approach was amazing. I released everything so that I can start a new version of me. 

Sometimes in life you know and feel that something must change in you but you don’t really know what, how and more importantly, why - but knowing that old patterns must come to an end is a good starting point though. This is how my journey with Claire started. 

It was quite overwhelming to open myself to someone that I did not know and come up with all my wounds, hoping that they will do some magic and transform me for a better version of myself.

After listening to many podcasts Claire released, I was confident enough to feel that she could really help me. 

Claire’s approach was amazing. When I came up with my problem, she understood and acknowledged where I was in my life, and what would need to be changed in order for me to heal and move forward to my goal.

The first step in the change was to create new beliefs. She guided me and supported me towards it by asking me questions that I would have to find the answers within me. The second step of the journey was to point out my childhood trauma and create a new story in my mind. 

Last step was to learn how to detach from the past, detach from my thoughts, cut unnecessary links with people that no longer need to be linked with my story and just release everything so that I can start a new version of me. 

This was definitely a whole process and still is. Having someone to guide me, show me how to do it, approaching my story with another reality, another pair of eyes, other than mine is for sure not something that anybody can do.

Claire really knows and understands what it is that must be redefined, how it should be carried out and helps you find the reason why within you. 


souveraine de l'Amour


"I already had some knowledge dream boards, the law of attraction and visualization. However, with your classes everything is much simpler and more practical. The results are impressive."


dream mate
Letting Go

“Thank you !
This is the best thing that has happened to me in 2021. I did in 5 weeks what I had never understood in several years. Thank you very much Claire Chiron.”



“Thank you so much Claire for being here and understanding, it feels so good to be supported that way.”



“I feel ready to move on! I am so happy to be in this program. This is what I needed to boost myself to be fully who I am and want to be, in addition to having given to me the courage to move forward and trust in life again.”


souveraine de l'Amour

"I have changed a lot in the last 12 weeks, moreover people around me have noticed it. I am much more open, much more aware of the reality around me. I feel more complete, I am fully embodying the woman I really am. I have literally transformed my life."


souveraine de l'Amour

"I realized that with your exercises, I am able to achieve a level I have never been to before: I have decided to focus on my emotional freedom and liberation and on the woman I want to become!"


souveraine de l'Amour

"If you feel stuck and lost,
if you can no longer live like that and don't find any meaning in what you do,

If you are ready to really change,
to experience a real internal transformation,

If you are ready to rediscover yourself and to change your opinions on yourself, on your loved ones and on life,

If you are ready to open up to love in order to love yourself more and to love life, then I recommend this program a thousand times!"


souveraine de l'Amour

"It made me feel much calmer and in charge of my to do list.
I felt overwhelmed by all the things I have to do. Succellium Mind helped me getting out of my environment. Now I feel more grounded and calmer. It reminds me the importance of keeping my meditation practice to stay grounded. It helps to take the edge off and approach life and work in a more relaxed manner."

Laurence, Makeup artist
London, United Kingdom

succellium mind

"I found my sleep has also improved since practising meditation and for that I am very very grateful!!
Coming from someone who has never tried meditation before, I found it a very eye opening experience to feel the benefits from guided meditation.

Claire's guided meditation process was extremely enjoyable for me as I was able to switch off from the hectic world around me and really connect to the class, I found myself to be very relaxed! (I don't relax very easily!)."

Claire J.

succellium mind

"It's a great tool to escape daily life for some minutes so you can gain motivation and clarity again.
I felt unfocused. I felt like I always had to rush everything and couldn't take time for myself to relax. Now I feel more calm again. Whenever I get this feeling to rush everything again, I'm now more aware of it, stop and think about a place I went to in the meditations."

Jessica Langeder
Law Student, Austria

succellium mind

"Succellium Mind is a great resource to take the guess work out of incorporating this practice in your daily life.

The live experience is very unique! You can certainly feel into the energy of other participants and being able to see other smiling facings after a session really brings a sense of togetherness, and helps lock in the good energy!

I am very familiar with meditation and meditating with Claire is phenomenal! She is very talented and skilled at guiding sessions. 

They are very easy to follow along with and certainly help bring a sense of calm and focus in the body! I feel an increased focus and clarity, feeling a sense of peace and calmness."

Dominique, High Performance Coach
Atlanta, United States

succellium mind

Evellyn Araujo
United States

meditation session

Jane McCarthy

meditation session

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