What if you could attract love in 1 minute daily?

Tap into the love frequency and immediately shift from lack and dependency energy to a loving attractive magnetic energy


What they say

"You are a woman who really and fully wants to help the women.

You are here to guide us, to help us concretely manifest the situations in our life, align ourselves with our true selves. It speeds up our evolution in an impressive way!"


I was able to live wonderful moments and today I continue to change for a better relationship.

I am grateful to have experienced what I experienced. And today I am another person ready to live better experiences!”


What you will receive:

  • Tap into the most powerful frequency on Earth, the Love frequency, to be a vibrational at any time, wherever you are, for your ideal love partner
  • Tap into the infinite field of possibilities to find the perfect man for you - even if you feel that love is rare
  • Finally believe in love again, or for the first time - even if you are above 50 with children and multiple marriages behind you
  • Activate your love attraction power and magnetize your man right now! 
  • Tap to be available to meet the One - not a random guy, the man made just for you!
  • Break through your false perceptions and create a new way of seeing your love situation - even if you feel that you life is way too complicated to meet a man
  • Free yourself from the emotional dependency that might scare your ideal man...
  • And so much more!

the true magic is that...

It works in under 1 minute of tapping only!

This 7$ intensive program has been carefully curated for busy women, like you, who want to have a fast and proven method to attract their ideal partner, whenever they want, wherever they are, whatever they are doing and without overthinking it!

"Claire’s approach was amazing. I released everything so that I can start a new version of me.

The most important thing is that, for the very first time in 32 years of life, I now truly believe in love. And this is a wonderful gift!”


And when you join now, you also get:

Bonus The emotionally healthy woman

Tap into your daily emotional states to live with serenity and Joie de Vivre!

  • Tap into your innate worthiness and feel super mega enough!
  • Amplify your joy to expand your presence and attractive energy
  • Feel supported at anytime, anywhere you are in the world - as if you were flying with your wings wide open!
  • Shift from boredom to excitation and abundance in seconds
  • Erase anxiety and elevate into a joyful relaxed energy 
  • Tap through depression to ascend the emotional ladder and shine again!
  • Tap into beautiful shiny hair and an incredible health with it!
  • Tap into instant presence and groundedness when you feel super stressed and up in your head

"I realized the potential I have and it opened my eyes to my life and my future. I feel more anchored, more expanded, both stronger and more sensitive, more open to my emotions, to love and to life. My self-esteem has doubled and my worth has grown exponentially."


Access the Love Frequency for 7$!

Tap into the love frequency and immediately shift from lack and dependency energy to a loving attractive magnetic energy