Dear Friend, Your family dynamic is The Insidious Poison !

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I call this type of relationship The Insidious Poison because to you, this relationship feels and has always felt normal.

Whatever the degree of physical, mental and emotional abuse that you have experienced, as you have never experienced something different, all of this belong to your normal.

It feels normal for you to:

  • Not be able to laugh or be yourself at home
  • Always work, work, work work until complete exhaustion, never see the fruits of your labour, but still feel proud of you because you work very hard
  • Always feel an underlying certain level of stress from morning to evening, even when you try to relax
  • Act like a control freak, to be alert 24/7 and have an ultra supra hyper-vigilant mind, to the point that you could work as a secret agent 🕵🏼‍♀️

When you live in this kind of family climate, there is ONLY one thing to do if you really want to live your dreams to the fullest and taste the power of your incredible potential: break free from it! Because this family dynamics is completely dysfunctional…

I really mean it when I said that you might have to totally and completely break from this relationship.

Listen, I know this type of dynamics by heart. And with time, your energy, physical health, and dreams will severely suffer from it, if not already…

But the good news is that...

I went through it and healed from these toxic relationships and recurring patterns that go with it!

Yes, because leaving physically the relationship is one thing.

Healing from the emotional and mental physical patterns that you have been conditioned to live by years is another thing.

Also, speaking about patterns, the true word for this specific situation is “traumas”.

It may be the first time you are learning about this, or not. You might have never thought that you had traumas stored in your body.

If you have experienced physical abuse, you might be really familiar with this term (and this is, even more, important to break free physically, mentally and emotionally from this toxicity that sucks life out of you!!).

If you are hearing the trauma word for the first time, know that we ALL have experienced some traumatic situations at some points in our lives.

The way I define a trauma is like this:

a trauma:

Any kind of situation that made you experience fear, anger, anxiety, stress, terror, panic, deep sadness against your will, and that you internalised as a new truth to live by.

A trauma happens when you live an experience where you feel very intense emotions, but as you don’t know how to, feel guilty or ashamed to feel all of these emotions to their full intensity, you end up freezing them, crystallising them in your body.

These crystallised emotions create tensions, stress and anxiety in your body and are still present in yourself since this very event (if not healed).

They will keep you stuck, in stress, fear, panic, anxiety and anger every single time you will experience a situation that your subconscious associate to this past experience, and think that you are again in danger.

Trauma response is here to protect you after all…

But, now, we have to indicate to your body that you are safe, or can be safe (if you are still physically in touch with your caregivers) and heal for good the toxic patterns that you have inherited.

I know that reading all of this can feel difficult, but at the same time, it can be very liberating for you, as it was for me, the first time I finally understood what was happening to me.

I want to emphasise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You are perfectly enough as you are, even if you absolutely don’t feel so, and this… is also completely normal.

Every spark of stress, fear, panic, anger and anxiety that you have experienced in your flesh so far is REAL.

Even if your caregiver have always dismissed your emotional health, let me tell you that all of these felt sensations are ALL very REAL and VALID.

I want you to come out of this page with a bit of hope and a solution to finally break free from toxicity and reclaim your power back to you.

It doesn’t matter how burnout, stressed, anxious, scared, maybe even physically ill, you can get out of this.

You can finally listen to the alarm and danger alerts your body is sending you for years, and heal from these toxic patterns you have inherited.

I feel the frustration, sadness and despair to see your dreams fly away, because you feel that you’ll never have the mental sanity, emotional stability and energy to ever achieve them. NEVER.

I believed that too. This made me feel hopeless, until I discovered a way to finally repair myself, heal the deep wounds, reclaim my self-worth and stand for my dreams boldly, without pleasing people no more.

Truly, if I have been able to do it, you can do it too.

This is why I invite you to really really really consider joining the It’s Time to Live Challenge.

This is the first program in its kind I have ever seen online providing the guidelines to break free from any toxic relationships, break the toxic patterns and reclaim your self-worth and freedom to live.

If you are thinking “Okay, now enough is enough, I want to change this!” and feel ready for the next step, I invite you to reclaim your power below 👇

Free yourself from the toxic relationship

you're in to shine & live your life, without guilt.

Free yourself from the toxic relationship you're in to shine & live your life, without guilt.

  • You want to stop the stress, the burnouts, the guilt, the low self-esteem and all that good stuff…
  • You feel the visceral need for freedom, to go far away, to take the plane, to let everything behind.
  • You feel the urge to create your own life, to take off and feel that your life, your body and your dreams belong to you, and to no one else.
  • You want to break the infernal cycle of generational traumas to give your children the healthy and fulfilling life they deserve.

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