Dear Friend,

Your family dynamic is The Sleeping Pill !

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Your relationship with your family is not completely dysfunctional, yet, you can experience some difficulties to express yourself and live your ambitions to the fullest.

Even if your caregivers gave you some of the love, attention and appreciation you were seeking for as a child, you might feel like a part of yourself is lacking to the puzzle.

Very often these difficulties to live to your fullest expression come up every time you want to you want to reclaim your freedom and/or start a new project or business for yourself.

I call this type of relationship, The Sleeping Pill, because you may not experience the full intensity of the danger of the situation, or may not be completely aware of it for now...

So you might feel “Oh yeah, that’s partly what I live… But that’s fine. I mean, I can still bear it.”

This relationship type is, to me, the more dangerous one.

Because you feel some discomfort about it, but at the same time, you’re not living the biggest pain ever, you know…

Other people live even worst situation than yours, so why even bother.

But here is the downside of it…

As days go by, your energy still leaks, your stress level still increases in silent, your self-esteem becomes lower and all your hopes of achieving your dreams one dayget eaten day after day, unless you decide to take the power back over yourself and your dreams!

It’s like you are keeping asleep, while your caregivers can still have some control over you, and so this behaviour is keeping you from leaving them and from living your dreams.

And on this, I’m here to tell you that NO!! This is not normal!

You must be able to feel free to:

  • Have a very high self-esteem
  • Express your opinions as you wish without fearing to be judged after
  • Feel relaxed and safe in your body without compensating your stress with food
  • Joyfully and freely do what you love without feeling any guilt or shame about it
  • Claim and live your dreams to the fullest without unconsciously wanting to please other people’s  dreams instead!

And this, my friend, is the result of taking your personal power back, your full sovereignty to finally reclaim your identity and your freedom to live on your own terms!

Overall, you REALLY need to learn how to protect yourself and your energy to finally be equipped to stand for your dreams and stop having energy leaks that drain you every day.

AND you need to finally break free from all the physical, mental and emotional toxic patterns that you have been ingrained to live by force during all these years.

And at the end of the day, I know how much you can love your parents, and remember all these good memories spend with them. We are not here to break all of this.

You are here just take your energy back and reclaim your independence as a human being to live the life of choice and desires.

If you’re ready to take the next step, then I invite you to reclaim your power through the It’s Time to Live Challenge below 👇

Free yourself from the toxic relationship

you're in to shine & live your life, without guilt.

Free yourself from the toxic relationship you're in to shine & live your life, without guilt.

  • You want to stop the stress, the burnouts, the guilt, the low self-esteem and all that good stuff…
  • You feel the visceral need for freedom, to go far away, to take the plane, to let everything behind.
  • You feel the urge to create your own life, to take off and feel that your life, your body and your dreams belong to you, and to no one else.
  • You want to break the infernal cycle of generational traumas to give your children the healthy and fulfilling life they deserve.

Then It's time to Live is perfect for you!

"I feel ready to move on! I am so happy to be in this program. This is what I needed to boost myself to be fully who I am and who I want to be, in addition to giving me the courage to move forward and to trust life."