Toxic relationships

Break free from all types of toxic relationships, stop people-pleasing & reclaim your self-worth

 Why you should break free

Here is what is waiting for you once you completely get rid of any toxic relationship:

Goodbye guilt

Feel this unbelievable freeing sensation of not bearing the weights of guilt and regret anymore

Stop people-pleasing

Stop sacrificing yourself, your energy, your time and your needs for others. Focus all of them on your dreams only.

Reclaim your power

Once you have freed up your energy from all toxicity, you will feel your self-esteem and self-worth exponentially increase.

detect toxicity

Identify toxic people

Learn how to identify and spot any potentially toxic person either at work, in your love relationships or within your friends circle.

dysfunctional family

heal from dysfunctional family relationships

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heal from emotional codependency

Emotional codependency is the direct consequences of living with toxic people.

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Set strong boundaries

You can't spend more time without knowing how to deal with toxic people at work and during your day. Each day, you have a certain amount of time to be efficient, and you need to learn imperatively how to protect your energy and set strong boundaries.

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