Using The Law of Attraction to Manifest Travel on The Solo Female Traveler Podcast

janvier 12, 2021

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Using The Law of Attraction to Manifest Travel

Luisana Colmenares and I talk about how I used the power of manifestation while I was traveling to create even more of what I desired.

About Claire Chiron

Claire is an international speaker, entrepreneur, creator of Souveraine de l'Amour and co-founder of Succellium.

Claire spoke at the Health, Healing & Happiness conference in Sedona, Arizona. Claire has traveled to 15 countries around the world to meet the leading experts in meditation and neuroscience.

She had a series of psychic and spiritual experiences which revealed to her other fields of perception and consciousness, through which she experienced a profound life transformation.

She applied all this knowledge to attract the man of her life. She has now been living with him for over 3 years.

She teaches women to become the woman they always dreamed of being and to naturally attract the perfect man for them.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • Using travel as a way to reconnect with yourself
  • How my travel journey started with a vision board when I was 10 years old
  • The power of believing, and not worrying about the how
  • You create the roadmap in your mind first
  • Taking the leap and going after the dreams I had as a kid
  • Visualization, mediation and inspired action
  • Why finding resistance when you take the leap is part of the process
  • Emotions are the heart of manifestation
  • General tips on finding your ideal man

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Hi, I'm Claire Chiron

After 5 years of daily committed emotional healing and 1,500+ hours of meditation practice, I have developed heightened emotional intelligence skills to lead CEOs, high-achievers, closers, HR, real estate agents and employees improve their emotional, mental and work performance to create connect with their prospects at a deeper level and ultimately increase their sales and revenues.

On the feminine side, I help women reconnect to their femininity and create healthy relationships with themselves and their lover to embrace their life with joy and serenity.