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Attract the man of your dreams with the power of the dream board

  • You want a fast and powerful tool to attract the man of your dreams now.
  • You need clarity in the type of man and relationship you want, but you know yourself well enough to know what you want to experience in love.
  • You want to meet the man of your life, but you've had enough of seduction techniques or dating apps.
  • You want a fresh, original and more human approach directly connected to your desires.

Then Dream Mate is perfect for you!

"I already had a few notions about the dream board, the law of attraction and visualization. However, with your lessons everything is much simpler and more practical. The results are impressive."

Adriana G.

Free yourself from the toxic relationship you're in to shine & live your life, without guilt.

  • You stopped speaking to  your parents or one of the two parents, but you still have remnants of that toxic relationship.
  • You live with your parents, in a toxic family environment and your little inner voice screams at you to get out of it because you feel in danger.
  • You feel the visceral need for freedom, to go far away, to take the plane, to let everything behind.
  • You feel the urge to create your own life, to take off and feel that your life, your body and your dreams belong to you, and to no one else.
  • You want to break the infernal cycle of generational traumas to give your children the healthy and fulfilling life they deserve.

Then It's time to Live is perfect for you!

"I feel ready to move on! I am so happy to be in this program. This is what I needed to boost myself to be fully who I am and who I want to be, in addition to giving me the courage to move forward and to trust life."


Reveal the extraordinary woman you are during this intense 6-month transformation among an elite private community

  • Become a woman fully expressed in her identity.
  • Take back your true place in the world.
  • Heal the toxic patterns of your childhood.
  • Achieve full control of your emotions.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with your body & your sensuality.
  • Creates an unshakeable spiritual connection.

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"I have changed a lot in the past 12 weeks, and people around me have noticed. I am much more open, much more aware of the reality around me. I feel more complete, I embody more the woman that I really am. I basically literally transformed my life. "


If you are looking for a deeper level of personalized support to reveal the woman you've always dreamed of being, you can discover the exclusive Souveraine de l'Amour® group coaching.

Become the Confident & Elegant Woman  You  Always Dreamed of Being

& Naturally Attract the Perfect Man for You

  • Make room to attract the man who will share your life.
  • Deepen your love for you, your connection to you and your attraction capacities.
  • Embody the perfect woman who attracts her man and above all, knows how to keep him for years without the flame ever going out.

Then Souveraine de l'Amour is perfect for you!

"If you feel like you're stagnating,

that you can't live like that anymore, you don't find any meaning, you feel lost,

If you are ready to really change,

to experience a real internal transformation, a deep introspection,

If you are ready to see your life change,

to change your opinions about yourself, your loved ones & about life,

If you are ready to open up to love,

to love yourself more, love life & attract the man of your life, 

so I recommend this program a thousand times!"


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